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Who Brings a Claim on Behalf of an Injured Child in Florida?
Personal Injury

Airplane Accidents in Orlando

Statistically, air travel is the safest means of transportation available. Commercial airline pilots spend hours in the skies and are held to extremely high standards of conduct. Furthermore, commercial aircraft have terrific men and women

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Uber Accident Lawsuits

When we take ridesharing taxis like Uber and Lyft, we expect our driver to get us safely to and from our destination. Unfortunately, Uber drivers sometimes fall short of their duty to take appropriate measures

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Common Orlando Car Accident Injuries

Orlando car accident injuries can harm victims in various different ways and impact their lives forever. When people are harmed by the negligence and carelessness of other drives, the law gives victims legal recourse to

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Orlando Brain Injury Lawsuits

Brain injuries are some of the most serious catastrophic injuries accident victims and their families may have to endure. Medical bills, emotional suffering, and the loss of income may quickly add up and overwhelm those

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Orlando Train Accident Lawsuits

Orlando and central Florida are home to a number of convenient rail systems commuters and visitors alike utilize to quickly get from one destination to another. Even though many people think rail travel as a

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Orlando Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

Florida workers’ compensation law make death benefit payments available to the deceased employee’s family. Eligible Florida workers’ compensation death benefit payment recipients include the decedent’s spouse, children, parents, siblings, or grandchildren. If your family suffered

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