Orlando Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Do you need help with Orlando Workers’ Compensation Disputes? Business-related injuries can put your monetary future at risk, upsetting your life and meddling with your game plans. Florida workers’ compensation insurance exists to help injured employees.

However, some insurance companies and bosses can deny valid cases for benefits. Thus, they don’t give the hurt workers compensation to cover their doctor visits or month-to-month costs.

If you are in this situation, our Orlando workers’ compensation attorneys can help you. At Florida Lawyers 360, we will carefully review your case to know whether we can ensure recovery of benefits. There are no upfront costs.

We will battle for you in the event that your boss isn’t willing to pay. Get in touch with us today at 954-448-7355 for a free consultation.

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Issues Behind Workers’ Compensation Disputes

A professional can file a compensation claim for medical costs and loss of wages and disability benefits, yet the business can dispute the claim. There several reasons bosses can examine or deny the case.

Here are some of the reasons behind Orlando workers’ compensation disputes:

Employment Status

Some employees may wait until they are fired or laid to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is unwise. If you are hurt at work, file a workers’ compensation right away.


The business may acknowledge you were hurt but dispute the workers’ compensation claim because of where the injury occurred. In the event that the injury didn’t occur in the work environment, it makes it difficult to prove your eligibility for benefits.

Missed Deadline

Insurance companies could deny claims if employees don’t report the incident right away. The law expects that you should report business-related injuries within a brief timeframe. Do miss the cutoff time.

You should report a work-related injury quickly to your supervisor. Also, submit a work injury report.

No Witnesses

On the off chance that there are no observers, the insurance company or your employer can dispute your workers’ compensation claim. You need to report the mishap to your supervisor and tell your coworkers. Tell everybody exactly the same thing.

When it comes to workers' comp disputes, don't miss the deadline

What to Do if Your Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied in Florida

Insurance associations and supervisors deny workers’ compensations for different reasons. In the event that your supervisor denies your workers’ comp guarantee, it doesn’t mean you won’t get benefits. There are a few appeal choices in the space of Florida.

After filing a petition for benefits with the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims (OJCC), the OJCC will arrange an informational mediation. Most disputes are settled through mediation, but if not, there will be a pre-trial hearing.

You should call our workers’ compensation dispute lawyers once you get a notice that your case has been denied. We will discuss your options, help you with all the necessary paperwork, and guide you through the complicated process.

Kinds of Orlando Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Here are the two most common kinds of Orlando workers’ compensation disputes.

Medical Disputes

These are disputes over medical facts and opinions related to the treatment of the hurt worker. The outcome depends not only on hiring the right lawyer but also on the medical professional’s willingness to fight for the treatment of the injured worker.

Medical disputes can involve denied medical supplies, denied services, denied therapy, and denied surgery.

Confirmation Disputes

Here are some issues involved in confirmation disputes:

  • The Extent of the Injury – whether the injuries impact different pieces of the body or the health of the worker.
  • Average Weekly Wage – conflicts over the amount of money the professional should get while they are on workers’ comp
  • Disability – whether the work-related injuries caused a loss of income.
  • Compensability – if the work-related injuries meet the criteria for coverage.


Workers' Compensation Disputes - facing a medical dispute

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Disputes can emerge between the business and workers concerning a workers’ comp claim. We suggest you hire a qualified and dedicated attorney if your employer disputes or denies your claim.

Choose the best workers’ compensation dispute attorneys in Orlando, Florida to guide you through the process. Your legitimate supporter won’t allow your employer’s insurer to take advantage of you.

Your lawyer will investigate your injury, help you get medical care, and handle your appeals.

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