What You Should Know About Drowsy Driving in Florida

A study from 2018 showed that drowsy driving in Florida is becoming a massive public safety issue with more than 32,000 arrests made for drunk driving alone throughout the year. With the continuing rise of automobile use for transport across the world, and expanding networks or roads and on-ground routes for the purpose of trade, travel, urbanization, etc. it is natural that road accidents are also rising. Given the extensive use of heavy and light vehicles, governments and authorities have developed standard traffic rules, processes, licensing, and structures for amendment of road accidents and issues.

However, basic awareness and sensitivity to traffic rules are often lacking in those behind the wheel. At a first glance, basic rules for over-speeding, over-taking, and rash driving are ignored under weaker structures of control and policing. The bigger picture shows a lack of car safety when we consider mechanical and technical faults, with a simple tire puncture or un-checked brakes resulting in deathly consequences. As such, drowsy driving has become a violent threat to everyone on the road.

In a cost-benefit analysis, insurance and medical costs are the biggest issues after a road accident. Florida is now seeing the involvement of attorneys in ensuring that those who are hurt are provided with the medical care they need. To avoid the risk of a road accident caused by drowsy driving in Florida, it is important to remember and be aware of what can cause it:

1. Medical Issues:

A driver facing an extensive range of medical issues can end up being the human cause behind the fatality of a road accident. Lack of sleep, lack of rest, and mental issues such as stress and anxiety can all cause one’s momentary lack of attention which can consequently cause death. Furthermore, licensing authorities now require medical exams from professional doctors before a driver is granted a license. These exams ensure good physical health, good eyesight or use of glasses, and appropriate measures to deal with disabilities.

2. Drowsy Driving and DUI:

Driving under the influence of sleeplessness, drugs, or alcohol can be fatal, and is a crime in most states. According to responsibility.org, in 2018, Florida saw a total of 10,511 accidents caused by drunk driving nationally, raising public concern and the launch of public campaigns to curb the issue.

3. Disregard for State or National Rules:

The importance and essential nature of public policy in matters of public safety are continuously stressed when it comes to road accidents; A place where road rage or blatant disregard for traffic rules can turn fatal in a matter of seconds. As such, public campaigns for traffic rules and knowledge about traffic signs, along with the safety of insurance plans and attorneys can keep families safe from loss of life as well as financial burdens.

This disregard includes over-speeding, which is disregard for speeding limits, and disregard for public safety and other people on the road. While containment measures such as heavy fines and legal consequences can play an active role in curbing this issue, the need for public sensitivity and civic sense is also important.

While these causes determine how road accidents become possible, the rising risks of road accidents are still a prevailing issue. It has hence become essential to prepare in advance, and educate drivers, especially young and inexperienced drivers, of the dangers of road rage and over-speeding, among other things.

General conversations on over-speeding, drunk driving, drug use, or more technical conversations on checking your engine health, checking and maintaining tire pressure and punctures are highly important. Regular mechanical check-ups for brakes, airbags, security systems, etc. are also crucial in order to maintain safety. New trends also show the rising awareness and need for first aid kits and other safety measures installed in cars and automobiles. Both are there to assist and guide regular drivers as well as medical first responders in the case of emergencies where the loss of life is entirely possible.

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Drowsy driving in Florida is now a public safety concern, and to keep yourself and your family safe, it is important to get the right help. Assistance from a personal injury attorney can help mitigate the legal, medical, and financial consequences of a road accident. It is also important to remember that road accidents can happen to anybody, can be caused by anybody, and safety measures are the first defense. Where human life comes first, safety precautions are a natural process and should be encouraged in public and private spaces to keep everyone safe.

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