Orlando Train Accident Lawsuits

Orlando and central Florida are home to a number of convenient rail systems commuters and visitors alike utilize to quickly get from one destination to another. Even though many people think rail travel as a much safer alternative to auto, the injuries from accidents can be quite serious and may require long term care.

Rail lines have a legal duty to take reasonable safety measures to ensure their passengers are not placed at an unnecessary risk of injury or death. Rail owners and operators who breach this duty may be held liable for injuries or fatalities that occur as a result. These entities are often powerful corporations or municipalities who will may attempt to skirt responsibility for their negligent behavior.

Examples of negligent behavior

There are certain safety protocols train operators in Orlando must take to ensure their passengers are kept reasonably safe. Operators must be diligent in the maintenance of their locomotives and scrutinizing of employees to make sure things run safely.

Train operators may be negligent if they:

  • Hire inexperienced engineers
  • Fail to identify dangerous employees by conducting background checks
  • Install proper safety and emergency equipment in trains
  • Do not maintain tracks or stations
  • Fail to enact proper safety protocols for safe train operation

Train accident injuries

Some trains operating in Orlando have top speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Crashes occurring at speeds this high could have disastrous implications and result in serious injuries. Common injuries from train crashes include:

  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Contusions and lacerations
  • Internal organ damage

Trains in Orlando

Orlando is served by two rail lines, SunRail and Amtrak. While accidents on either lines are rare, there have been serious accidents and fatalities recently. While state and local authorities may conduct their own investigations, accident victims and their families are strongly encouraged to retain experienced legal counsel to help act as their advocate in these difficult times.

  • SunRail Accidents – In March 2015, an SUV was struck by a SunRail train while crossing the tracks in Maitland. In September 2014, a man was struck and killed in Sanford.
  • Amtrak – In January 2016 and November 2015, pedestrians were struck and killed by Amtrak trains in separate incidents in downtown Orlando.

What can I recover in a train accident lawsuit?

Train accident victims may be able to file claims alleging negligence on the part of the train operators to collect compensation for the damages they have incurred. Train accident victims may be able to recover:

  • Hospital bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Some train lines are owned by federal or municipal entities with financial limits on how much compensation victims may receive. Speaking to a qualified Orlando personal injury attorney can help victims understand the limits of their claims.

Orlando train accident attorneys

If you or a loved one was hurt in a train crash in Orlando, contact an experienced and qualified attorney to help you in your time of need. Attorneys have the legal training and access to resources to investigate the causes of accidents and hold liable parties accountable for their negligent actions.

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