Workers’ Compensation Claims For Theme Park Workers

As a hub for the theme park industry, Orlando is home to a multitude of wonderful attractions for visitors and locals to see. Huge companies like Disney, Seaworld (owned by Busch Gardens), and Universal Studios (owned by NBCUniversal and Comcast) employ tens of thousands of people. Sadly, with so many workers working around the clock, employees may suffer serious injuries.

Large corporations are glad to rack in huge profits but may be less than forthcoming with workers’ compensation benefits when the time comes. If you are and employee of one of these big theme park companies, it is your right under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws to receive benefits to cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

No-fault workers’ compensation benefits

In Florida, no matter whose fault caused an industrial accident, the injured worker is eligible for benefits. What this means is that even if your own negligence contributed to an injury, illness, or repetitive stress injury, you can collect. Injured workers may not sue their employer with formal civil suits but must instead work through the prescribed worker’ compensation claims process.

One common defense employers and their powerful workers’ compensation insurance companies may attempt to use to deny benefits is claiming the injured worker’s condition somehow manifested itself outside of work, thus relieving them of any liability. Other times, employers may claim the employee exaggerated his or her injury to claim more compensation than the condition warrants.

How many theme park workers are there in Orlando?

While it is difficult to put an exact number on just how many theme park workers there are in Orlando, there is some data available on the largest employers:

  • Disney World: 58,000 employees
  • Universal Orlando: 1,900 employees
  • Seaworld Orlando: 5,800 employees

Common types of theme park injuries

While workplace injuries can happen almost anytime or anywhere, there are some common theme park injuries employees should be on the lookout for. If you experienced one of these types of accidents, or any other for that matter, contact an experienced Orlando theme park workers’ compensation attorney about your accident:

  • Ride accidents: These rides may seem fun, but the workers operating these machines may put their lives at risk every day operating and maintaining them. Mechanical failure, carelessness, or defective design may be common causes of theme park ride accidents.
  • Wet surfaces: Many theme parks feature some kinds of attractions with water. Whether it is a ride, water park, or other aquatic attraction, the potential for drowning, slip and fall, and broken bones may exist.
  • Illness: With so many people in a concentrated area, workers may be susceptible to contracting and illness from foodborne pathogens, infectious disease outbreaks, or condition related to handling exotic animals.

Orlando theme park workers’ compensation attorneys

After an injury, you are required to immediately inform your employer about your condition. Your employer will give you the necessary paperwork to fill out. You will then be required to submit to an independent medical exam (IME) to evaluate your condition and undergo necessary treatment to heal from your injuries.

Unfortunately, employers may turn these examinations against the injured worker, claiming the injuries sustained are not serious enough to warrant lost wages or the rehabilitation needed to get back to work. Due to the precarious nature of theme park workers’ compensation claims, you should strongly consider seeking the advice and counsel of a qualified Orlando workers’ compensation attorney to get the benefits you and your family need.

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