Reporting a Work Injury in Clearwater, FL

According to Federal state laws, worker’s compensation is a government-mandated insurance cover that employers must take for their workers. It ensures that the employees are covered against any losses attributed to injuries or illnesses sustained on the job.

However, employees must report the incident and ensure they file a compensation request within the stipulated period as per Florida State regulations. Nonetheless, you can avoid such a hustle by hiring the best workers’ compensation lawyer when reporting a work injury in Clearwater, FL.

At Florida Lawyers 360, we are familiar with the various challenges people can encounter when pursuing workers’ compensation. Some will get full compensation, others will receive partial compensation, and the claims denied for others.

Therefore, it is best to hire us to improve your chances of getting full compensation. Call us today at 954-448-7355 to speak to our experienced Clearwater, FL workers’ compensation attorney to start the claim process.

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How Long Do I Have In Reporting A Workplace Injury In Clearwater, Florida?

Both federal and state law stipulates the workers must notify their employers or insurance provider of their work-related illness or injury within thirty days from the incident’s date.

However, in some situations, an employee might not be aware of the injury or sickness but learns of it days or weeks after the accident. In such a case, the worker also has thirty days from the date of learning about the condition to notify the insurance company or employer.

We recommend reporting the matter immediately it occurs to have reliable proof to support your injury claim.

Moreover, the stipulated 30-day period also allows your employer enough time to investigate, which is an aspect that has legal implications that can work for or against your workers’ compensation claim case.

Reporting a Work Injury in Clearwater, FL

Who Do I Have To Report A Workplace Injury To?

Employees must follow several procedures when reporting a work-related injury or illness. Conversely, the employer also has some procedures to observe after being notified of the incident.

An injured worker should be familiar with the state’s workers’ compensation laws to know the legally recognized steps to take. But these rules differ from state to state, thus they can be confusing for some people. That is why it is best to seek a seasoned and reliable workers’ compensation lawyer.

You are expected to report the workplace accident to the proper authority, submitting a written notification that must be signed once received, and keep a copy. You probably will be providing the notice to your manager, foreman, team leader, supervisor, or a business owner.

What Are The Employer’s Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury?

Employers have several things they are obligated to fulfill after being informed by an employee about a work-related accident. The responsibilities are subject to Florida State’s workers’ compensation laws. Therefore, your employer is mandated to do the following:

  • Report the incident (be it an injury or sickness) to the WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board). They must state the nature of the accident and if it forced the worker to take some time off work to get treatment and recover.
  • Inform relevant authorities about the incident. For example, suppose the accident occurred in a construction site, then the employer must report it to the Department of Labor in Florida and the Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • Ensure the injured worker continues receiving employment contribution benefits such as a pension, health insurance, and life insurance.
  • The employer should make sure the injured worker retains their employment and resumes work after recovering. At times, the employee might be posted to a different department or given a different role depending on how the accident impacted their work skills and performance.

Employee Responsibility After A Workplace Injury?

While workers’ compensation is mandatory for all employers to secure for their staff, employees must fulfill various responsibilities as stipulated by Florida State workers’ compensation law. The procedures are crucial in the success of the workplace injury claim case.

As such, employees are required to do the following:

  • Report the accident to the superiors, be it the manager, supervisor, team leader, foreman, or the business owner. It is best to do so at the time of the accident or immediately after learning that you sustained an injury or developed an illness because of the incident.
  • Reporting the matter should be done through a written notice, which entails filing a Supervisors Report of Injury Form or an Occupational Injury Form.
  • Fill a WC-14 form, submit it to the Florida State Workers’ Compensation Board, and give the employer a copy of the same document.
  • Seek immediate medical attention even if the injuries seem minor or after being exposed to hazardous materials. In addition, the worker should keep detailed records of the damages incurred because they will present these documents when filing for compensation, minimizing the chances of their claim being denied.


Failure to follow these requirements as per the law can result in the workers’ compensation claim not being reviewed and approved, and the employee not receiving damages for his or her injuries and related losses.

Given such possible outcomes, hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney from Florida lawyers 360 is a wise move if you want to avoid the hustle of reporting a work injury and ensure your claim case is successful.

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Get The Best Legal Counsel And Guidance When Reporting A Work Injury in Clearwater, FL

Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated insurance cover that all employees are entitled to when working. However, receiving the benefits of this insurance cover is a procedure that requires both the employer and employee to follow several requirements.

At Florida Lawyers 360, we know how much of a hustle this can be for you if you also have to deal with your injury or illness.

That is why we shall help with reporting the work injury or sickness to the relevant authorities and guide you on the legal steps you must cover to ensure you secure your chances of getting full compensation.

Call us today at 954-448-7355 to speak to our workers’ compensation lawyers in Clearwater, FL, to learn more about how we can help. The sooner we can report the accident and start the claim process, the better.



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