How Can Florida Drivers Prevent Tire Blowout Accidents in Orlando, FL?

Tire blowouts while driving on a highway can cause serious injuries and damage to a car. Car accidents involving tire blowouts are unexpected, take the driver by surprise, and lead to pileups on the highway. If you want to know how drivers in Florida can prevent tire blowout accidents in Orlando, FL, then you have arrived at the correct place. Here we will explain how tire blowouts are caused and the necessary precautions to prevent tire blowouts.

In 2017, 738 fatalities were reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to tire-related accidents.

How Tire Blowouts Occur

You may be wondering about the process that leads to the spontaneous capitulation of your tires. It can be due to several reasons, with the prime being under-inflated tires. Such tires can get damaged due to additional friction between the roads. Such friction may lead to tread damage and also tire blowouts.

Tips on How Can Florida Drivers Prevent Tire Blowouts

To avoid the main cause of tire blowouts, i.e., underinflated tires, the constant checking of tire pressure is necessary. Periodic maintenance is an activity that keeps your car in prime condition, and tire pressure may be a small endeavor but a vital one. While checking the tire pressures is easy and can be done even weekly, make sure to check the tire treads every month as well.

The good thing about modern vehicles is that they come with an integrated monitoring system called a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. You are alerted about your car’s tire pressures on the comfort of your driving seat. Thus, you must keep the tire pressures in check. If you fail to do so despite such warnings, the liability may lie solely on you in case of an accident.

What to Do When Faced with a Tire Blowout Situation

If you’re faced with a tire blowout while driving on a highway or a common street, for that matter, the first order of business is not to panic. It would be best to hold the steering wheel with a firm grip as it may feel slightly heavier. Slowly steer the car away from the fast lanes and then to the curbside. Make sure that you don’t push the brakes too hard in panic.

Once the car is on the side of the road, you should try to change the tire if you have the requisite tools. In case you have sustained injuries, or the car has suffered some damage, it would be wise to call for help. Turn on the emergency lights and call the highway patrol. Once you’re home safely, you can call on car accident attorneys to help you figure out how to get paid for damages.

Safety Tips to Keep Your Tires in Check

Besides the tips mentioned above, here are some additional tips when you’re faced with a tire blowout accident in Orlando, FL:

  • All highway authorities expect drivers to change their car tires once they reach their allotted mileage rating. You can drive the tires above this rating for a few thousand miles but not more than that, as it will only increase the risk of tire blowouts.
  • It is also wise not to wait for the tires’ mileage rating to be achieved if the tires have been used sparingly. You should replace tires after a few years due to their elastic nature. The perfect way to gauge your tires’ health is to check the tread depth, which in worn-out tires is pretty negligible.
  • Make sure that you don’t overload your vehicle beyond the carrying capacity of the tires. Overloading can often cause the tires to experience wear and tear and even blowouts in severe cases.

Florida Lawyers 360 – For all Your Tire Blowout Accidents in Orlando, FL

Tires constitute an important part of the vehicle as it connects your car and the outside world. The safety of your tires is paramount in this regard and cannot be understated. Every check and balance to maintain their safe functioning is necessary and not an overcompensation. By doing this, you would be able to reduce the probability of being involved in a tire blowout accident in Orlando, FL

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, especially when they don’t involve any other vehicle. It means that the fault may lie in your vehicle or the road conditions. Apart from being at fault, a car accident attorney is a good place to investigate the accident’s cause. You can sue the tire manufacturers for a faulty product and get paid for the damages accrued.

If you’re looking for a competent car accident attorney, call us to get your case the attention it deserves.

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