Florida Personal Injury: What’s a Contingency Fee?

If you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, a personal injury attorney can help you claim compensation. A Florida personal injury case can be confusing for you as a client. In such a situation, you may be questioning whether you need to protect your rights through an attorney or not. You may wonder if you can afford an attorney.

Suffering a serious injury or accident can mean that you lose money as well as time while recovering from such intense trauma. This can include medical and insurance costs, lost wages while you recover, hospital fees, and the mental and emotional toll that an injury can have on you. In extreme cases, the development of physical or mental disabilities as a result of the injury can change your life drastically.

Without a personal injury attorney, you risk losing out on the compensation you need and deserve. How do attorney fees work and what will a lawyer charge you?

Hiring a Lawyer for a Florida Personal Injury Case:

If you are worried about exorbitant fees for hiring a personal injury attorney, look no further than contingency fees and the rules that regulate them. Essentially, contingency fees were introduced to lower the burden and the risk of high lawyer fees no matter what the outcome of your case is.

If you and your lawyer work together on the basis of a contingency fee, this means that your attorney will be paid their due share for legal services from the amount they reclaim through your case. In personal injury cases, this means that your lawyer will now have a share in the amount he or she manages to claim as compensation from the at-fault party.

This mechanism allows for you to be safe in the knowledge that you may not need to spend exorbitant amounts on your lawyer and still lose your case. Depending on a previous agreement, you and your lawyer can decide on what percentage of the reclaimed compensation money will be their share, as well as the calculation of legal fees after such a compensation amount has been collected.

Because the success of your case now also has an interest for your attorney individually, they will be more motivated to get the highest and most efficient output they can manage within the law. Additionally, the hours spent on the case are not a factor in calculating legal fees owed to your attorney, as everything depends on the success or failure of your case.

Florida Personal Injury

Rules and Regulations of Contingency Fees for Florida Personal Injury Lawyers:

Your attorney can guide you on matters related to a contingency fee contract as well, but some essential regulations that are needed to uphold such an agreement include:

  • A written and detailed contract must be drafted and signed by both parties. This contract must be clearly labeled as a Contingency Fee Contract in bold type.
  • Specific details regarding the due percentage of the attorney as well as any liabilities that may fall on the client must be outlined.
  • Additional conditions on the division of compensation money collected or any other fees must be detailed in the contract and openly communicated to each party.
  • Any liabilities due if the legal case is lost must be explicitly mentioned.
  • Legal rights of the client are making decisions about the case must also be outlined, such as pursuing trial, settlement options, etc.

It is also important to remember that choosing a contingency fee plan to help support your legal battle is not a mandatory choice, even with all the advantages it brings. Because of the protection it provides, a contingency fee does not call for a relatively large upfront payment.

Upon the success of your case, this Contingency Fee Contract may be used by your attorney to calculate their percentage of the winning compensation money as well as any other legal costs, while ensuring that all calculations are made openly and before the client.

Find a Competent Lawyer for Your Case Today:

Facing legal proceedings can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you find yourself in such a position that requires the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney, there may be many questions in your head about how to work with a legal professional to ensure you recover compensation.

Our experienced attorneys have won millions for our clients through professional legal services. We only get paid if we secure compensation for you. Contact us today and protect your rights.

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