Common Causes of Car Accidents in Florida

Florida is currently one of the most dangerous states with a high accident rate. From pedestrians to car drivers, everyone faces an accident at least once in their life. Although most car accidents in Florida happen due to the distraction of the driver or overspeeding, some also occur because of poor weather conditions. Whatever the reason might be, a car accident can cause havoc beyond imagination.

Accidents of any intensity indeed leave an impact on the victim’s mind and body. No one wants to get involved in any kind of major or minor accident. However, according to the department of Florida highway safety and motor vehicles, Florida reported a total of 400,863 crashes in 2019. The fatalities and number of injured individuals were more than 3000. Due to these statistics, it is important to understand what causes such accidents and how to react if faced with such a situation.

Why Car Accidents Happen in Florida:

The following points are some common reasons for car accidents in Florida:

  1. Over Speeding:

Every state in the world sets a certain speed limit. Likewise, the state of Florida also sets a speed limit to protect its travelers. Although these laws are present, people do not follow them. Young and middle-aged people are often seen exceeding the speed limit and driving too fast. This excessive speeding results in many accidents, taking the lives of innocent people.

The maximum number of car accidents within Florida are due to speeding because not does it only make it difficult to stop at the right time but also makes turning around corners difficult. That is why one should lower their speeds on highways and turnings. By practicing precautions these huge accidents can easily be avoided.

  1. Distracted Driving:

The second and most dominant reason amongst all reasons is being distracted during driving. People often start using cellphones or talking with one another which results in serious accidents. Whenever a person’s mind isn’t completely focused on the road, he or she is at a greater risk.

Among the list of distractions, some of the most notorious acts that count as distracted driving include eating, texting, driving while fatigued, and daydreaming. As a result of the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it only takes a fraction of a second for a distracted driver to cause a car crash.

1. Ignoring Traffic Laws:

It is a common practice in many places to disregard traffics laws. Even educated drivers don’t stop at a red light or ignore the speed limits. Some make left and right-hand turns in a location where they are not permitted to do so. All of this leads to severe accidents that could lead to a huge number of fatalities.

2. Driving Under the Influence:

Crashes are often caused by people that are under the influence of alcohol or even drugs. According to authorities, nearly 30% of all traffic accidents are due to drunk driving. Alcohol or drugs of any sort, influence your mind. They weaken your ability to think and make appropriate judgments in various situations. As a result, crashes in case of drunk driving are unavoidable. Therefore, never drive under influence of any kind of substance.

Additional Reasons for Car Accidents in Florida:

Other than these 4 major reasons, several other important factors increase the possibility of fatal car accidents in Florida. These include poor weather conditions such as heavy rains, wet roads, and hurricanes. Likewise, poor road conditions also contribute to crashes and mishaps. Sometimes potholes, poorly designed roads, and missing signage could make the situation worse. Under such conditions, citizens need to alert the local authorities to fix such issues.

Drivers should always take precautions and drive safely. Maintaining speed on roads while bearing in mind their conditions can save countless lives.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer:

If a person recently faced a car accident in Florida, a good lawyer would not only provide support but help the victim win a good compensation amount. Sometimes people feel hesitant to fight for their due right because they are not legally sound. In such instances hiring a professional would help their case and free them of all worries.

The risk of being involved in a car accident is quite high and nowadays when almost everyone has a car of their own, the risk is substantially greater. Every driver has to be careful of their surroundings and drive with utmost caution. Even a second’s negligence could result in life-threatening car accidents so take all necessary precautions whenever you’re on the road.

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