What Do You Do If You Are Injured in a Florida Hotel?

Have you ever been injured in a Florida Hotel? Even if the answer is no, it’s better to be prepared for it. When you plan to stay in a hotel, it is evident that you will be looking for comfort, care, and the services you have paid for. However, unfortunate events can come in life without a warning. In some instances, you could experience an injury during your stay at the hotel.

It is essential to immediately report the case to the manager of the hotel and inform them regarding the injuries suffered by the victim. In Florida, the hotels are required to abide by the law protecting visitors from accidents resulting in property damages, losses, and injuries. If the victim can establish strong grounds for the negligence of hotel management, then a lawsuit can proceed. A severe injury can change your life in the blink of an eye. The risk of fatal consequences such as permanent disability from a hotel injury is high.

In case anyone experiences such an incident, it is necessary to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys assist in identifying the possible legal options if you have suffered from an injury at a hotel.

Next Steps After Being Injured in a Florida Hotel:

According to estimates, in Florida, there were roughly 475,893 hotel rooms available as of February 2021. Besides, the data shows these hotel rooms are divided into 4,308 hotels and motels all over Florida. Thousands of people stay in a hotel for business trips or vacations, meaning there is a high number of people who could get injured in a Florida Hotel.

First of all, it is vital to stay calm and understand the situation. Remaining calm helps in effectively thinking about the situation and understanding the circumstances around you. Being vigilant helps in protecting you from further injuries. For instance, in case of a fire, you need to escape from the fire and find a safe place.

Secondly, after an accident, look for the injuries, it could be pain, bruising, bleeding, or burns. In case of a serious injury report the incident quickly to the manager and ask for immediate medical care. Share all the details of the incident with the medical staff that is treating you. For instance, if you broke a bone in the pool due to a slip and fall incident, all the information regarding the incident should be reported to the hotel manager and medical staff. This helps in two ways; providing accurate and effective treatment as well as assisting in the documentation of the entire incident. If you have faced serious injuries due to the negligence of a hotel, you are eligible to pursue a personal injury claim against the hotel.

Another important aspect is the documentation of injuries and the accident. Asking the front desk of the hotel for surveillance footage can provide you with concrete evidence for negligence. It is also suggested to immediately take pictures of the scene of the incident, this helps in proving negligence if there is any. For instance, if you experienced a slip and fall due to torn carpet, you can easily take photos of the torn carpet along with the injuries you have suffered. It is always better to check for witnesses of the incident as statements can be attained from the witnesses.

Commonly Experienced Hotel Accidents:

The most common hotel accidents may include the following:

1. Slips and Falls:

Torn carpets, broken furniture, broken mirrors, uneven flooring, uneven surfaces, stairway issues, slippery floor, and many other structural errors can cause slips and falls. Victims may experience mild to severe injuries depending upon the intensity. Issues such as fractures and brain injuries can result from the impact.

2. Escalator and Elevator Accidents:

These types of incidents can become a nightmare for people. Lack of maintenance and frequent use may result in such incidents. Several injuries can be sustained through such accidents.

3. Pool Accidents:

Many reasons can cause pool-related injuries including faulty handrails, lack of depth warning, absence of a lifeguard, defective pool tiles, etc. A person can lose their life in a severe pool accident.

4. Electrocution and Burns

Malfunctioning of devices, faulty wires, and old appliances can cause electrocution. Burns in case of a fire can cause life-threatening problems for the hotel guests.

If you or your loved ones ever experienced the burden of an injury caused due to the negligence of a hotel, our skilled attorneys are here to help you. Each case and its facts vary. However, years of practice and knowledge of our personal injury lawyers help in claiming maximum damages for the pain you suffered while you were injured in a Florida Hotel.

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