How Much is My Florida Personal Injury Claim Worth?

When someone is in a critical accident they sustain a lot of physical and emotional damage. Along with this damage comes excessive bills, pain, and discomfort. Therefore, if someone else’s negligence has harmed you or your loved ones then you have the right to claim compensation.

Your Florida personal injury claim is worth a lot. States like Florida lay massive importance on personal injury claims and try to make sure that the victim is properly compensated.

According to Florida crash statistics in 2013, about 140,074 people suffered injuries from traffic crashes. These injuries included minor cuts to major fractures and bone damage. For this purpose, personal injury cases are given a lot of significance so that no one suffers the consequences of another person’s mistake.

Determining Your Florida Personal Injury Claim’s Worth:

In any legal case where a person wants to seek compensation, he needs to have a rough estimate of their needs. Calculating a reasonable amount of money helps you know at what point you want to give up your claim. Some people find it confusing and are unable to decide upon the right amount, but concentrating on a few key factors helps you choose the right value. Here are a few points to focus upon:

  • Physical injuries of the people within the vehicle
  • Damages to the car and other property
  • Effect of the trauma suffered

These accidents are often life-changing and to a great extent, life-threatening as well. So, it’s fair that the other party pays for everything including the medical bills, lost wages, and especially for the therapy to recover from such suffering.

Which Personal Injuries Are Considered Critical?

A person can experience multiple kinds of injuries in a crash and each kind of injury has a specific impact. However, amongst all personal injuries, some are considered more catastrophic than others and your Florida personal injury claim can be worth much higher in certain types of accidents. Your case can become much stronger if you suffer from one of these accidents:

  • Damages to the spinal cord resulting in paraplegia
  • Any kind of amputation
  • Third-degree burns to your body or face, or both
  • A minor whose parents were killed wrongfully

These are some of the cases where compensation is a must and the state of Florida deals with such trials with utmost care.

Economic vs. Non-economic Damage Claims:

In every case, there are two main types of damages; economic and non-economic. When talking about economic damages, they include current and future losses such as medical bills, loss of property, and other out-of-pocket losses.

On the other hand, non-economic damages cover the emotional traumas that the victims go through. All the mental stress and the horrific images of the accident that cause pain to the survivors. This pain is what needs to be compensated for.

Both of these damages are serious and claims can be made for each one. A personal injury doesn’t only mean physical pain; it includes mental anguish as well. Thus, asking for compensation in return for both types of damages is legal.

Limit on Damages in Florida:

The state of Florida doesn’t impose any specific limits on the compensation of losses. Monetary losses are quite clear and easy to calculate because they have a specific value. Like your hospital bills, car fixing receipts, diminished future earning potentials, burial cost, and pay stubs. A person can easily give proof of these things and claim the money in response to their financial losses.

Likewise, for non-economic damages like trauma or loss of life enjoyment, the accused individual has to pay a specific amount. The only difference is that the amount might vary from person to person depending on the seriousness of the loss.

Unlike economic damage, non-economic damages have an upper limit. The state of Florida doesn’t allow compensation of more than $750,000. Moreover, proving such injuries to be life-threatening isn’t that easy. It will take a lot of effort and work to prove your claim in such matters.

Bringing a Personal Injury Lawyer into the Picture:

For any kind of case to be fought, people need good lawyers. Without legal assistance, victims tend to make mistakes and lose the chance of getting what is rightfully theirs. To calculate what your Florida personal injury claim is worth you need to hire an experienced lawyer. From collecting evidence to deciding about the right amount of money, your lawyer does everything for you. If you have come across an accident, then contact a legal team as soon as possible for immediate help.

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