Can I See My Own Doctor In A Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Suffering from a workplace injury is painful and traumatic. In Florida, if any person suffers from a workplace injury, the person can put forward a Florida workers’ compensation claim. The employer’s insurance company for workers’ compensation will provide the victim with a doctor for treatment of the injury. A potential risk of sustaining workplace injury is always present irrespective of which occupation you choose or the nature of your work.

According to estimates, in 2019, 2.8 million people suffered from nonfatal workplace injuries. Injuries damage a person emotionally and physically. In severe cases, a person may experience permanent damages such as disability. This could restrict a person from ever working again. Several complexities can arise; for instance, loss of income, loss of consortium to name a few. The mere realization of not being able to fulfill the financial necessities of the family becomes extremely challenging.

Immediately after suffering from a workplace injury, you should seek medical assistance. Even if there is not any visible symptom, a complete medication checkup post-injury is necessary to detect internal injuries. If you are unable to go to the hospital take help from a co-worker in calling an ambulance.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim – Do You Have a Legal Right to See Your Doctor?

The question arises whether you can see your doctor in a Florida worker’s compensation claim. The decision may depend on various factors including legal complexities, the severity of the injury, the medical care required to treat the injury, and the level of urgency to treat the injury.

In case you suffer a workplace injury, it is possible to think the best option is to consult your general physician and wait for the appointment. It may seem right at that moment. However, it could have adverse consequences. First of all, you will be waiting for the appointment. Whereas, you need medical care immediately after the injury. Secondly, the employer’s insurance company often requires the victim to visit their own listed doctor.

Legally, you can choose any doctor for medical treatment. It is always better to opt for a qualified and experienced doctor who is associated with your organization’s insurance company. Especially for the immediate diagnosis and care post-injury.

Why You Should Seek Medical Care from The Insurance Provider’s Doctor?

In situations, when you are required to seek medical treatment from a doctor who is under contract with the worker’s compensation insurance company, you should go for it. Organizations have been facing worker’s compensation fraud for many years. To overcome the problem, the insurance companies require the victim to visit an unbiased doctor who would provide a radical, unbiased, and accurate medical report for the compensation claim.

Likely, you will have concerns regarding the diagnosis and treatment from the doctor provided by your employer’s insurance company. The reasons could be merely lack of trust or attaining a different opinion from another doctor. In case of this complication, you can file an appeal to consult your doctor. However, this step requires the help of an experienced worker’s compensation attorney, who will guide you with your legal rights.

What You Should Ask from an Insurance Company’s Doctor?

To avoid any inaccuracy or discrepancies in the medical report, it is essential to be vigilant and ask for details from the doctor for your compensation claim. It is your right to ask questions and provide accurate information to the doctor. Following questions can be asked from a doctor:

  • What medical tests are required to be performed for diagnosis related to a work injury?
  • Do you have any experience with this type of injury?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Do you need any further medical history of information for diagnosis and treatment plan?
  • Would you check any related injuries?

Denial Cases & Hiring a Skilled Attorney:

Despite the clarity and information you provide in your Florida worker’s compensation claim, you can still receive a denial for the compensation. Possible reasons for the denial could be:

  • The claim was not filed timely
  • The doctor failed to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Your injury won’t restrict you from doing your job
  • You did not report the injury to the employer
  • You could not prove that the injury happened at the workplace

In case you receive a denial letter, it is highly significant to look for the reason for the denial and the steps you are required to take for an appeal. If you or your loved ones have suffered a workplace injury and were denied compensation, contact us immediately. We are here to protect your rights and provide you the claim you deserve.

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