Common Road Defects in Florida

A common cause of car accidents in Florida are the road defects in Florida. You could face a situation where you are involved in such an incident and don’t know what to do. The first piece of advice is not to panic under this situation and call a Florida car accident attorney to help you recover and get compensation.

Accidental damage and injuries are a part and parcel of life. Especially, on busy interstates and highways, the probability of accidents increases. Road conditions play a vital role in causing these accidents and thus need to be addressed by the requisite authorities.

Florida and Road Defects:

There are several types of road defects; many cause serious car accidents whereas others, not so much. Road defects can be physical, owing to the condition of the road, or occur in the design of the road. Design flaws are harder to fix as they are conceptual.

Florida is known as the sunshine state with plenty of sun in the summers as well as winters. The humidity and sun can be hard on road surfaces that need regular maintenance. Moreover, it is a state with a large population of roughly 21.48 million, well-connected highways, and lots of traffic to deal with.

These high number of vehicles are difficult to control as well as to manage. The sheer volume of these automobiles including heavy traffic vehicles can lead to the deterioration of roads and highways, even those made from high-quality materials.

Common Road Defects in Florida:

Here are some common road defects, their causes, and the consequences on road safety.

1. Design Flaws:

One of the most dangerous flaws in any road or highway are inherent design flaws. The road could be designed improperly thus, sustaining only lighter loads. Moreover, the curves and curbsides could be designed inadequately and may not let motorists drive at the prescribed speeds.

Sometimes, the designer can forget about the prevailing road safety laws or state regulations. This leads to a mismatch between the designer’s philosophy and the built road. It results in perilous road conditions where drivers may not be able to control their vehicles for long. The braking distance before a speed breaker could be less optimal resulting in high-speed bumps.

2. Deteriorating Physical Conditions:

Physical conditions of the highways and roads make them uneasy to travel on. The constant bumps and potholes can make even the best of drivers lose their cool and drive rashly. Not only are these potholes and cracks bad for driving, but they can also result in some serious damage to the car.

Accidents involving such physical ailments to the road may lead to injuries and extensive car damage. You may need insurance coverage or to file a suit against the authorities involved to get compensated.

3. Poor Traffic Management:

While not exactly a road defect, traffic management or the lack of it around a construction site can lead to car accidents as well. Proper signage and diversions must be installed to lead the traffic safely from such a site.

Traffic management in routine can also pose similar risks to the ones mentioned above. The signage, road markings, and lack of rumble strips may lead a driver into a false lull. Thereby leading towards an ill-fated accident.

4. Proper Shoulder and Guardrails:

The shoulders beside any road or highways are an extremely important element of the overall road design. Not only are they used for parking the car in distress but also offer structural integrity similar to the road in case you wrongly steer your vehicle sometimes.

Another important safety element is the guardrails that are usually placed on bridges, or where the surrounding areas are low-lying with respect to the road. These guardrails can help protect your car in case of an accident by taking much of the impact.

Who is Responsible for Road Defects?

Now that you are up to speed with the most common road defects in Florida, a question arises about who is responsible for such a state of the roads. The state of Florida is the answer as they are required to keep the roads in prime condition, free from debris, and safe for traveling.

The state of Florida has a no-fault insurance policy that is intended to sort the cases out of court. The insurance policy also makes it a little tough to negotiate and file for compensation. Thus, it is important to find competent Florida car accident attorneys to fight your case in case of an accident due to common road defects in Florida.

You can call us for a free consultation, an assessment of damages, and how to proceed in case of a car accident. We, at FloridaLawyers360, will give you the best fighting chance to get compensated for the damages sustained.