Orlando Public Bus Injury Lawsuits

Public buses are a great way for commuters to get around the wonderful city of Orlando. Bus companies like LYNX, LYMNO, and FASTLINK provide timely, convenient travel throughout downtown Orlando, Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake Counties. Sadly, these services are susceptible to the same kinds of auto accidents passenger vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles encounter on a daily basis. Passengers hurt in an accident with a LYNX or other bus line may need to file an Orlando public bus injury lawsuit.

While most public bus operators are honest, hardworking individuals, there nonetheless exists the possibility of negligence on their part, which may result in serious injury to passengers. Injured Orlando, Florida bus passengers may need to file claims to recover compensation for injuries sustained due to the carelessness of public bus operators and owners.

Medical bills, lost wages, and other damages can quickly pile up, leaving injury victims in vulnerable circumstances. Fortunately, the law gives injured victims remedy to file claims to recover compensation.

If you or a loved one was hurt while riding a public bus in Orlando, Florida, consider speaking to a qualified Orlando auto accident attorney about your accident. Attorneys have the training and access to resources necessary to fully investigate the causes of public bus accidents. Public bus accident claims can turn into complex litigation and hiring an attorney can make all the difference to the success of your case.

Orlando LYNX bus accident lawsuits

LYNX is a major public bus company in Orlando, Florida operated by the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority. LYNX operations cover over 2,500 square miles, on 88 routes making 4,400 stops. Annual ridership in 2014 is estimated at over 30 million.

Legal claims against LYNX are a sensitive legal area. As a municipal entity, LYNX is covered by state immunity laws, meaning there are damage caps on injury lawsuit claims. Claims against state agencies are capped at $300,000 unless the plaintiff can successfully petition the state legislature to authorize a claims bill for additional compensation.

While governments should be established for the welfare and safety of its citizens, legislators often see personal injury lawsuits in monetary los and not the recovery of the victim and his or her family. Hiring an attorney to handle claims against a state agency like LYNX should be the number one concern of public bus injury victims hoping to maximize the compensation they are due.

Florida claims bills must obtain enough votes from both houses of the state legislature and be approved by the governor. The complex intersection of the law and politics can make it extremely difficult for injury victims and their families to get the compensation without legal advocacy.

In one case settled in 2015, the family of a young boy run over by a LYNX bus needed an attorney to recover $3.2 million in compensation from LYNX for the child’s senseless passing. The bus driver in this case was involved in six previous accidents yet was allowed to continue operating a public bus.

Orlando bus accident lawyers

If you or a loved one was hurt by a LYNX bus or another public bus in Orlando, Florida, speak to an Orlando auto accident attorney about your case. You may be entitled to substantial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages. Municipally-owned bus lines like LYNX may have strict time deadlines for filing claims, so do not delay.

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