When Should I Consider Filing a Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A Florida personal injury lawsuit helps the victim in obtaining compensation for their damages. Injury victims are often confused about whether they should file a lawsuit to recover losses or find other legal options. Injuries at the workplace can lead to serious consequences. The lawsuit can result in a successful outcome but there are several factors you should consider before filing a lawsuit. In 2019, around 4,572 injury-related deaths occurred that were preventable whereas 4.6 million work-related injuries were medically consulted.

Discussing your case with our experienced personal injury lawyer will help you in understanding all potential legal options. It will assist you in making the right decision. You can attain benefits by going to court but it is not always the best solution for you. We will guide you on the most efficient ways of recovering compensation.

Seeking Injury Compensation in a Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit:

The process of filing a Florida personal injury lawsuit is usually the same even if the cases are different. After the accident, the victim is required to report the injury, seek necessary medical assistance and file a claim with the liable insurance provider. You can suffer severe injuries at your workplace. They could be anything from slip and fall, cuts, disfigurement, amputation of a body part, to exposure to harmful chemicals.

Once you file the claim and your health is stabilized, your attorney will draft a demand letter. This letter includes the context and nature of your claim and what you demand from the responsible party to pay for the damages. The claim can include compensation for pain and suffering. The insurance provider will either accept or refuse your demand.

Negotiating a Settlement:

Usually, the insurance providers try to undermine the claim. Initially, the insurance company may refuse your demands and make a counteroffer. In many cases, the counteroffer is below the actual value you deserve. When you receive a low offer, you can reply with another demand to negotiate the compensation that fulfills your needs.

The negotiation process takes time as it goes on until an agreement is reached between both parties. You can’t file a lawsuit against the responsible party once the settlement is finalized. For this reason, you should have an experienced attorney to help you fight for the right value of the claim while negotiating.

Knowing Your Options:

When the insurance provider refuses to make a reasonable offer or denies the claim then often negotiations break down between the victim and insurer. After refusal from an insurance provider, you may think that you are only left with one option and that will be to proceed with filing a lawsuit. That is not always true.

You can also resolve the claim through mediation. An objective third party analyzes the case and negotiates the term with both parties to reach an agreement. Before a trial, a judge can also order mediation to achieve a settlement. Arbitration is another process to resolve disputes.

The process is similar to a court hearing. In this process, the arbitrator acts as judge and jury. Every case is unique; there might be other options available to you depending on the facts of your case. Speaking with an attorney will help you in knowing all your legal options.

Choosing to Proceed With a Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit:

You need to consider how likely your lawsuit will make it to the court. Often it can take a year or more for the jury to hear the case. You will have plenty of time to settle your case before the trial. It is essential to know the risks and benefits of going to court. One of the major risks is the jury may not award compensation. This way you will be forced to pay for your medical bills. Whereas juries may award more compensation than what you will get through settlement. This is why insurance providers prefer settlement with the injury victims.

Speak to Our Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Today:

If you or your loved ones are thinking to file a Florida personal injury lawsuit after suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence, speak to our professionally experienced personal injury attorney. They will provide you with the best legal advice to strengthen your claim and attain a successful outcome.

We aim to maximize your compensation.  We have years of experience in helping victims achieve compensation either through settlement negotiations or through the court. We will assist you throughout the case while protecting your legal rights to ensure your best interest.

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