How to Safely Handle Tailgaters to Avoid a Car Crash?

Following a car at an unsafe distance is called tailgating and is a dangerous practice that may lead to a car crash. It occurs for a variety of reasons. Irrespective of how fast or slow the car ahead is traveling, people tailgate out of habit. However, to signal the driver in front that they are driving too slowly, tailgating is often used. The tailgater puts both themselves and the driver ahead of them in danger no matter what the reason is. If you are involved in a car crash in Florida due to tailgating, you should contact a lawyer.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the rolling average for the past 5 years when it comes to total fatalities has been statistically forecasted as 3,116 in 2021.

If you are being tailgated, you should follow these safety measures in order to avoid any collision:

  • Remain Calm:

The first step in losing control over the situation is allowing yourself to feel anger. It is always right to have a calm state of mind when the opportunity presents itself. It is better not to engage in dangerous actions as it could serve to anger the tailgater. These acts contain rude gestures, hard braking and intentionally slowing down to aggravate tailgaters.

  • Move Out of the Way:

The second step is to move out of the way if you are being tailgated. Give the signal and then move to the right lane when it is safe to give the way if you are on a multi-lane highway. However, in case you are on a single lane, pull over to a safe side as soon as possible for the tailgater to pass.

  • Drive at a Consistent Speed:

It is difficult for tailgaters to pass if you are driving at a low speed on the turns and then speeding up on the straight sections on winding roads. It is easier for tailgaters to judge passing distances and safely execute their pass if the car ahead is moving at a consistent speed. If the tailgaters wish to give up their passing effort because of an oncoming vehicle, drastically slowing down the car during the past may intrude with them.

  • Increase Following Distance:

You can make up by allowing more than your usual following distance behind the car in front of you as such people jeopardize your safety with their actions. This action gives you more distance for braking so as the traffic ahead changes suddenly, you can apply the brakes more gently. It is easier for a tailgater to respond appropriately as the brakes are applied gently and for this reason, your possibilities of being struck from behind are reduced.

How to Prevent Tailgating-Related Car Crashes in Florida?

As you drive, be aware of the risk of tailgating to prevent a car crash. Be sure to leave enough space between you and the following vehicle if you are the driver in the back. Things you should take into consideration are weather conditions, the vehicle you are driving, and visibility on the roads. Moreover, our experienced auto accidents lawyers in Florida will explain all the details you should know to prevent tailgating accidents.

What Causes Tailgating According to Our Lawyers:

There are various causes of tailgating which include:

  • Heavy Traffic Volume: When there is a lot of traffic on the road, it is very hard to avoid tailgating. You may be in a hurry and not want other drivers to sneak before you. Be aware of tailgating when stuck in heavy traffic.
  • Lack of Perceived Risk: Some drivers do not realize how serious tailgating can be. They may engage in dangerous acts without even realizing it. Even a split second can make a difference between being able to apply the brake and major wreckage.
  • Impatience: In heavy traffic, people often get impatient which can be a cause of tailgating.

What Should You Avoid If Someone Is Tailgating You?

Tailgating is a risky practice that could lead to a car crash but you should never apply brakes or warn them in any way as it would result in road rage or a very severe accident. In addition, you should never drive faster or adjust your speed outside your comfort level to try to calm the driver.

Can You Call the Police If Someone Is Tailing You?

If someone is tailgating and you worry for your safety, you should call the police. Similar to investigating a crime, it is the duty of the police to respond to traffic safety matters. They may respond to the scene and may guide you about how to deal with a tailgater to avoid a car crash.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer:

Contact a qualified car accident lawyer if you are affected by a car crash in Florida due to tailgating anywhere in the state. Our lawyers want you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

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