Using Vehicle Black Box for Liability in a Car Crash in Florida

Most vehicles have a black box that saves the data and helps in determining the cause of a crash. Like airplanes and ships now vehicles are manufactured with a black box. In case of an accident where determining fault becomes difficult, data from the black box helps in establishing liability for the accident. A car crash in Florida not only causes physical damages but rather, it has a great toll on your mental health and financial stability as well. In 2020, around 38,680 people died in traffic accidents.

You will be needing the expertise of a car crash attorney to prove fault after recovering required information from a black box. Our attorneys are prepared to help you build a strong case and recover relevant black box data if it can help in strengthening your case. We will guide you through all legal options available to you. Here’s how your vehicle’s black box can help you to receive compensation.

Purpose of a Vehicle’s Black Box:

The events occurring before, during, and after the accident are recorded in a black box. It is an electronic device also known as Event Data Recorder (EDR). The majority of vehicles manufactured after 2014 have built-in black boxes. Often these are built into powertrain control systems or airbags.

EDR’s are not required in every vehicle by law yet most of the manufacturing companies are offering them. Initially, black boxes were used only in airplanes to track their functions and possible problems whereas now they perform the same function in other vehicles.

How Much Information Will Be Recorded in a Black Box During a Car Crash in Florida?

Since black boxes are attached with airbags, the recordings are tied to whether airbags were deployed in a crash or not. The black boxes are designed to record data before and after the crash whether airbags are deployed or not. Accidents in which airbags are deployed are considered to be more serious, triggering a longer recording.

The information your black box may record will include:

  • Braking
  • Use of seatbelt
  • The speed at the time of the crash
  • Duration of crash
  • Acceleration
  • Seat positions
  • Airbag deployment
  • Steering
  • Passenger airbag activation
  • Force of impact

After a car crash in Florida, determining the fault of the crash is essential to recover damages. A black box records a large amount of data until the vehicle is turned on. However, clear estimations are not available on how long a black box records and for how long the data remains stored.

Recovering Data to Prove Fault:

In accidents where the fault is contested or there were not enough witnesses to reveal the cause of the accident, data from black boxes can be utilized to prove fault. Black boxes record all the important information regarding the accident. Your attorney can help you secure this data and prove it in court to establish a strong compensation claim. The information will help in understanding what happened during the accident.

For instance, the data may indicate that another driver was speeding before the impact with your vehicle. Or if another driver was distracted while driving, black box data can show if the phone of that driver was connected to the vehicle and they were on the phone when the crash occurred.

Black box data can help in several cases to prove someone else’s negligence. You will also need to prove that the injuries you sustained were caused by the accident. Recovering the data is a complex procedure as only a few people have the tools required to decode the data like an accident reconstruction expert.

How the Insurance Company Can Undermine Your Car Crash Claim Using the Data?

As you will be using the data to establish a car crash claim against the negligent behavior of another driver, similarly, the insurance company may try to get information from your black box to undermine your claim. For instance, they can obtain black box data and establish that you were using your phone at the time of the crash. Even if the insurance company uses the data to prove such things, your experienced attorney will help in strengthening your claim.

Get in Touch With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney:

With years of experience in dealing with similar cases, our auto accident attorneys can help you at every step to achieve successful outcomes for your car crash in Florida. If another driver contests the fault for the accident or their insurance provider tries to undermine your claim, get in touch with our team to gather the relevant evidence and establish a strong claim.

If you or your loved ones suffered an accident, let us help you in attaining the compensation you deserve.

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