Can I Make a Work-Related Claim in Florida for Psychological Injuries?

Many employees aren’t sure when it’s okay to make a work-related claim. It is estimated that around 12.8 million days of work are lost due to stress, shown in a study conducted by the Health and Safety Executive. Also, employers are legally obliged to protect their employees from stress. Whenever you are on a job, a proper analysis of employees’ stress should be conducted. If you are experiencing stress during your work, you can claim for psychological harm in a work-related claim in Florida.

According to Mental Health America, 83% of American workers suffer from work-related stress. Because of stress, about a million workers lose their jobs every day. Work-related stress causes about 120,000 deaths which result in $190 billion in medical care. Also, businesses in the USA lose about $300 million per year in work-related stress.

What Is Classified as Work-Related Psychological Harm?

Work-related stress can be described as stress which is usually caused by the pressure of work. It can increase over time due to the behavior of an employer, their threats and, the anxiety that you have to deal with in the work environment. When a person feels that he or she is unable to deal with the reaction they are getting at their work and that is putting them under stress.

The most common psychological injuries that occur due to workload are:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Work stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

What Can Cause Stress at Work?

Several factors can be the cause of stress at work. Some of those factors are:

  • Overburdening
  • Lack of control
  • Unpredictable schedules, rigid work schedules, and unsociable schedules
  • Poor relationships with co-workers, superiors, social or physical isolation
  • Lack of progress of your career, or over-promotion
  • Low wages
  • Insecurity of your job
  • Unclear role
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination

Several more factors can cause you work-related stress, other than the list above.

Psychological Injury at Work and Compensation:

Stress can easily be organized if the organizations start acting on their results of risk assessment. If the workload you carry on your back is very high and the employer did not do anything to prevent it or manage the tasks you have been assigned, then you may be eligible for compensation in a work-related claim in Florida.

If you can prove that the stress you are suffering from is due to your work, then the compensation that we claim can help you pay for the following:

  • Your mental health treatment from a private facility – without NHS delays
  • Any therapy or rehabilitation that is not available on the NHS

Several things that should be in the compensation are following:

  • Loss of Income: This will compensate your lost income or future income if you were unable to go to work.
  • Personal Expenses: This includes all the extra expenses that you have to pay for during your sufferings. These expenses may include transportation costs, processing costs, and other various expenses. You should always keep your receipts as they can help you get your money back.
  • Loss of Pleasure: Being under stress you are unable to do a lot of things you used to do. It can be compensated by hiring an experienced lawyer.

How Long Do I Have to File a Work-Related Claim in Florida?

If you figured out when you were under stress, you would have at least 3 years to file for compensation. A complaint should be filed as soon as possible. A lawyer who has experience in psychological injuries can be able to help you with your problem. They will be able to work on your claim more effectively if you provide them with the right information, and after the claim assessment, they will negotiate for you to get the best settlement possible.

Can I Claim Compensation on Behalf of Someone Who Has Committed Suicide?

There are a very small number of victories under this ambit. Suicide is not an isolated event. It is a result of months or sometimes years of pain, suffering, or trauma. If this trauma was caused by the excess work delegated by the employer upon the employee, realizing the constant suffering the employee is going through, then it is likely that a successful case could be built against the employer.

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