Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Florida and How to Stay Safe

Florida is known around the world as a top tourist destination, with an immersive culture and increasing urbanization. This urbanization, however, is also the cause of pedestrian accidents in Florida. Given the many music festivals, tours, and sightseeing opportunities in the state, the growing economy and abundant natural resources are why we now have more people and more cars; on the roads and highways.

In a study conducted by Smart Growth America, we saw that Florida is currently the USA’s most dangerous state for pedestrians, with over 5,800 deaths. When exploring Florida’s beaches and tourist spots, many pedestrians and local citizens face the ever-increasing road traffic, and with it the risks of pedestrian accidents. To avoid such mishaps and understand the consequences, it is important to consider how personal injury cases in Florida are handled.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents:

Many factors are involved in the rising number of pedestrian accidents in Florida. Especially considering the population, the urban design, and the number of people to walk to work, school beaches, and other places daily. The street culture of Florida also has many people who are running, cycling, skating, or simply walking through busy streets for work, school, and other purposes; and who are most at risk for pedestrian accidents every day.

The causes of these accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Over-speeding on behalf of drivers
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Negligence while driving
  • Careless pedestrians neglecting public safety
  • Breaking traffic rules at intersections and traffic signals by both drivers and pedestrians

How to Stay Safe from Pedestrian Accidents:

For the citizens of Florida and for tourists as well, it is important to know all about traffic rules and safety precautions to protect your life and that of others around you. The safety precautions can constitute the following:

  • Use Marked Cross Walks and Intersections:

In the urban design and planning of a sprawling state like Florida, safe spaces and areas to walk around in are marked as crosswalks. Moreover, intersections now hold signals to conduct the safe passage of pedestrians. These white and black lines are for pedestrians to walk on safely, but are also useful for drivers. This is because they are easily visible while driving and often come with electric signals to help both drivers and pedestrians navigate on the streets.

If a driver causes an accident by running over a pedestrian walking safely on a crosswalk, they may be arrested and fined for the crime.

  • Follow Safety Precautions:

Since our childhood, we are always told to look both ways while crossing a road for our own safety. It is important to stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings when walking on a street, especially with cars and other vehicles driving past at high speeds. Although crosswalks and intersections give the right of movement to pedestrians, we must stay alert of distracted drivers, and look both ways each time before crossing a road.

  • Be a Responsible Driver:

Because of the consequences of rash and irresponsible driving, it falls on drivers to be aware, vigilant, and licensed to drive. When drivers commit offenses such as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol or driving over the speed limit, they are more prone to cause accidents and many such cases end in a hit-and-run scenario. Activities such as these could mean the loss of life of a fellow citizen, or serious injuries for others around you, drivers and pedestrians alike. Also, there is a risk of financial loss and damage to your car and public property.

Causing an accident can also land you in legal trouble, heavy fines, and possibly arrest by the police; this may also result in the termination of your driver’s license, and long legal battles to settle personal injury cases, especially under the policies of the State of Florida.

Seeking Help for Pedestrian Accidents in Florida:

If you face a pedestrian accident at the hands of an unruly or rash driver, you may be entitled to compensation with respect to your rights as a citizen and under the rule of law. This is why a personal injury attorney can help you report your accident and the injuries caused, to help mitigate the financial costs, medical bills, and get compensation for other consequences.

When it comes to pedestrian accident cases in Florida, find your personal injury attorney at Florida Lawyers 360. We provide a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys to protect your rights before the law, and ensure public safety for everyone.

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