Negligent Motorcycle Behavior Causing Car Accidents in Florida

If you drive regularly, you have probably been told over and over again to be careful with motorcyclists as they have the same right to cross the road as you do. Most of the time motorcyclists are impolite, which can lead to serious car accidents in Florida.

A study by NHSTA shows that young people are not the only ones killed in motorcycle accidents. In 2010, more than half of those killed in motorcycle accidents were 40 or older, up from 25% in 1995. The majority of passengers (89%) who died in motorcycle accidents were women.

Dangerous Behaviors by Motorcycle Riders Resulting in Car Accidents in Florida:

Florida tops the list of suspects for most motorcycle accidents in the country, but not all car accidents in Florida are caused by reckless ATVs. Below are some of the common causes of motorcycle negligence accidents.

Driving Under the Influence:

Like car drivers, motorcyclists can be involved in accidents while riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They can cause a rear-end collision because they are following too close, or they can cause a head-on collision because they are moving in the opposite direction, driving in the wrong direction, or off a lane on a two-way street.


The fact that high-speed motorcycles can reach 200 mph or more does not give motorists the right to go that fast. Speed ​​often causes serious car accidents in Florida, be it the fault of the motorcyclist or the car driver. If you are in a light vehicle trying to dodge a motorbike that is over-speeding, it can cause car accidents in Florida resulting in a personal injury, for which you can file a claim against the driver.

Inconsistent Speeds:

In many cases, motorcyclists travel much slower than other people on the road and in many cases, faster. When driving at a speed that surprises the driver of the vehicle, it results in overreaction which can cause the accident.

Swerving Between Lanes:

According to Florida law, motorcyclists are prohibited from overtaking vehicles in the same lane. The main reason is that the bike is smaller than a regular car and is very difficult to see. If that’s not dangerous enough, motorcyclists often change lanes to overtake other drivers.

Another common practice of motorcycle negligence is “Lane Splitting” which leads to an accident. This means that the motorcyclist will place their bike between two cars to pass. As with other means of negligent behavior, this often leads to serious accidents.

Failing to Use a Turn Signal:

Just as car drivers should notify motorcyclists when they are about to turn, motorcyclists should do the same. Failure to do so could result in disaster. In many cases, motorcycles will suddenly turn left and drive straight onto the road in front of a four-wheeled vehicle.

Performing Tricks or Racing on the Highway:

Some riders love to show off on the road. They drive on one wheel regularly, and some even stand on the seat while accelerating. This is extremely absurd and also severely dangerous. Other riders may have to try to wriggle out in front of the bike, and this situation rarely ends well.

Riding in Large Groups:

Many motorcyclists like to join other motorcyclists and tackle large sections of the road. This can be very distracting. They may try to perform a few stunts to impress their fellow motorcyclists or simply cause an accident by trying to chat with their friends.

Motorcycle Accidents: It Is Not Always the Driver’s Fault:

In many cases, the reckless or negligent behavior of motorcyclists can lead to a tragic event. Motorcyclists can indeed be oblivious and accidentally bump into other cars or even motorcyclists. Motorcyclists must comply with not only the rules of the road but also those who drive four-wheeled vehicles. When they injure or kill someone as a result, they are held accountable.

Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident:

The amount of compensation in the event of an accident involving an unwary motorcyclist will depend on several factors, including:

  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The severity of the injuries received
  • Economic damage suffered by the injured party; such as medical bills, loss of wages, and others

At a law firm, we will carefully analyze your losses and provide you with an approximate amount of compensation. If you receive an offer for a settlement and it is unfair, we will take the matter to court.

You must talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible, especially if you have lost a loved one to a motorcyclist. In Florida, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident or the date of death. Contact us for a free consultation if you were unfortunate enough to be injured in one out of the many car accidents in Florida that happen every day.

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