Obtaining Camera Footage after a Car Accident in Florida

Although no one wants to be harmed, let alone be involved in car accidents, such incidents, unfortunately, occur frequently. And in some cities, more so than others. Especially if you are a resident of Florida, then your chances of encountering a car accident are relatively higher.

This fact is confirmed in the latest report issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles which states that there have been a total of 400,000+ accidents in Florida, out of which more than 236,000 injuries are reported.

Therefore, it is necessary to take every step possible to acquire hard evidence and prove liability on the person who has brought about such an occurrence. It is a common practice to shift the blame to avoid the consequences of being caught in the act. However, to make this process a little easier, filing a claim is important which brings us to the next stage of the situation; obtaining the camera footage which might contain the video of the accident.

The Current Situation of Florida’s Car Accidents

The local law does not provide much information regarding the methodology to obtain the camera footage after a traffic accident occurs. Normally, you would find a lot of traffic and red-light cameras in the state. However, some jurisdictions have not found them advantageous enough and have taken them down. But in other cases, these cameras have proved beneficial in prohibiting bad driving among the residents.

What Is the Best Way to Obtain Camera Footage in Florida?

The mechanism of obtaining the camera footage lies in the hands of an attorney. You have to work closely with the attorney who files a subpoena with either the State government or the local government agencies to acquire the footage. However, an important consideration before choosing this way forward is the fact that the local governments are sometimes not very quick with responses to such queries. This might further complicate the case as the maximum duration of the video storage only lasts up to 72 hours.

Below are some important guidelines as to how to approach the entire process of obtaining the camera footage if you are a victim of a Florida Car Accident. You would find the following tips to be of value which would definitely help your situation.

  • Be a Keen Observer of Your Surroundings:

If you are caught up in an accident, your immediate thoughts are likely to revolve around anger, frustration, and panic. However, there is only one remedy you should be on the lookout for at this moment; the different cameras in proximity. If the area has more red light cameras then those are beneficial.

Other types of cameras to look around for are CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras that are owned by business entities. The only way, however, is to request an attorney to help you out with the process. Also, the nearby observers and witnesses hold their importance. Dash cameras are also very beneficial as many local citizens have installed them.

  • Get Help from a Lawyer:

Even if a camera recorded the complete collision, getting the immediate legal support of an attorney is essential. Getting in touch with an attorney might help you with many things such as fighting for your rights and looking into the damages that have been done. With an attorney’s help, you may not even need to pay for medical expenses or think about the damages done to your vehicle.

  • Secure Your Own Footage With the Right Investment:

An accident does not give a warning when it knocks on your door. Therefore, it is advised to invest in purchasing dash cams and installing them in your vehicles. Dash cams are affordable and if you have them in your vehicles, then there is no need to involve the attorney right away in the process as the dashcam would have recorded the initial evidence of the accident step by step.

  • Do Not Admit Blame:

An important tip here is not to blame yourself in the meantime for the occurrence. Especially, when a claim is in the process and the adjuster is keen on the details, there is no urgency of spilling every detail to them. It is advised to take an objective view of things rather than being confused.

For instance, if you state that you are completely fine after the accident, some insurance companies might not take your case seriously and think that you have not suffered the consequences. It is also advised to stay away from social media as it might backfire on you.

Connect With Our Professional Attorneys Right Away:

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