Florida Workplace Injuries That Qualify You for Compensation

Workers are compensated for injuries sustained at their working place. Florida workplace injuries are compensated under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. These days, we see a large number of incidents on a daily basis. A lot of workers get hurt while performing their duty. Physical injury causes them to miss out on work and lose daily wages. However, it is not the fault of the employee. They should be compensated for their loss.

Amongst the people who often get injured at their workplace, mostly are factory workers. They are situated in high-risk areas, such as construction and law enforcement agencies. Thus, it’s of utmost importance that every employee regardless of what field they work in, must have some basic knowledge about worker compensation and how they can be eligible for it.

In 2019, there were 306 fatal work injuries in Florida. A huge number of people suffered physical and mental trauma. Some suffered minor cuts and bruises, while for some it became a life-threatening situation. Upon that they had to pay for expensive medical treatment.

Affording treatment isn’t easy for low-paid workers and daily wage earners. Even one day’s missed salary means a lot to them. By applying for compensation, they can make their lives easier. Medical expenses, daily wages, and other expenses will be covered by your employer if you qualify for compensation.

Florida Workplace Injuries that Qualify for Workers’ Compensation:

There are multiple types of Florida workplace injuries but every injury doesn’t qualify you for compensation. Certain requirements are needed to be met to avail this opportunity. The following five types of workplace injuries will certainly get you your deserved compensation.

  • Injuries Caused by Overexertion:

Often at work, people need to lift heavy objects or move them from one place to another. It often results in Florida workplace injuries like overexertion. Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments come under stress and are unable to perform their functions.

Moreover, if this kind of heavy lifting work continues, then a person might develop fatigue which will worsen with time. From blood pressure to serious cardiac issues, anything is possible due to overexertion. Since the worker experienced overexertion injury due to their work, they have the complete right to ask for compensation in return.

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries:

Another common, yet ignored injury is the injury due to repetitive stress. Workers’ compensation can be demanded if someone proves that their injury was the result of repetitive stress. Several jobs require employees to carry out the same tasks every day. So, performing a duty daily, makes a person more vulnerable to developing repetitive stress injuries.

Even though these Florida workplace injuries take years to fully develop, the effect is quite severe. In some cases, workers become unable to carry out their job functions.

Sadly workers don’t realize that they are developing such an injury. Since the pain is mild at the start, people treat it as temporary pain. They don’t mention it to their managers or seniors, but that causes issues in the future. Thus, never ignore your pain. No matter how mild it might be, it can have devastating effects if not treated timely. Some commonly noticed repetitive stress injuries are strains, sprains, fractures, tendonitis, joint wear, back strain, spasm, and herniated disc.

  • Injuries Caused Due to Workplace Equipment:

Individuals working in factories that use heavy equipment often get injured on site. Even a small malfunction or a minor spark can lead to serious injuries. Similarly, those workers who don’t follow safety protocols can harm themselves and their colleagues. Management and employers need to make sure that safety protocols are used by everyone. If company management can’t make it happen then they are at fault.

Construction sites see many accidents. Sometimes, an employee accidentally falls into a machine or gets crushed under heavy objects. It results in complete loss of a body part, major fractures, and sometimes even death. Getting electrocuted at the workplace is another common injury. Loose wiring often lies around on partly constructed buildings and when someone steps on a naked wire, it can be damaging.

  • Falls and Slips:

Even though falls and slips don’t usually result in major injuries, they can cause minor hairline fractures. If someone falls or slips on a surface, they could harm their backbone, hip bone, or arms. Working in such a condition becomes next to impossible.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Fight for Your Rightful Compensation:

Florida workplace injuries qualify workers for compensation. It is their right to get compensated for the damage that was caused to them because of their employer’s neglectful behavior. However, most employers try to avoid paying their employees their rightful compensation. Thus, it’s important to hire a lawyer who can guide you on this journey.

With our experienced lawyers by your side, you will not only get compensated for missed working days but will receive medical help and maximum benefits. Set up an appointment with us today to know more about our qualified team.

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