Why Florida Car Accidents May Be a Bigger Risk in Summer

Florida car accidents become more frequent and dangerous in the summer months. While driving in severe winters may seem a peril, there are several reasons why driving in the summer months is riskier than driving in winters. The police record depicts the higher number of crackdowns on negligent driving and traffic risks in the summer months. It has been deduced from past accidents that the majority of the accidents occur in the summer months.

In case you suffer from an accident, you should immediately seek medical assistance. The risks involved while driving in summers may include the following:

1. Accidents from Heavy Traffic:

According to the National Safety Council, in 2020 around 42,060 people died in motor accidents. Florida car accidents increase in summers as summers mean more teens are home and more teens are on the road. All those teens who recently got a drivers’ license usually go out on the road in the summers.

The majority of such people are inexperienced and lack defensive driving skills. Thus, when they are behind the wheel, the chances of an accident further increase. The less mature judgment by teens makes them more prone to be involved in a car crash compared to more experienced drivers. The age group from 16-19 is highly vulnerable to accidents.

The weather in summers becomes pleasant; more people plan vacations and long-distance road trips. Teen drivers along with a higher number of travelers on the roads increase the risk of road accidents. Tourists from all over the world head over to Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. When tourists and residents walk around to explore the city and perform leisure activities, traffic becomes more congested, resulting in a higher number of accidents.

Whether it be cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians, they all will be on the road increasing overall traffic during summer. It gets difficult for drivers to see cyclists and pedestrians. That’s why accidents skyrocket in summers. Additionally, since the tourists are unfamiliar with the area or their surroundings, they might get distracted, make sudden turns and stops which could result in an accident.

2. Rise in Florida Car Accidents Due to Construction Work:

Summertime is considered to be appropriate for road work. You may see highways populated with work crews during the summer season. Usually in several areas work is affected by extreme winters, which is why the work crew prefers the summer weather to finish road repairs. The revamping and construction of work can develop obstacles that may hinder the normal flow of driving and may result in severe accidents.

You should plan and avoid areas that may be high-risk for an accident. It is suggested to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. You may get so close to the next vehicle that if suddenly the vehicle in front of you applies the brakes or moves to another lane due to road work, you might end up in an unfortunate accident. And it’s definitely something no driver would welcome. In 2019, 842 fatalities were reported in work zone crashes.

3. Vehicle Malfunction Due to Heat in Summers:

Even if you are very experienced to tackle complicated road conditions, your vehicle may not be able to sustain the heat. Hot weather can negatively impact your tires and Florida’s weather during summers is well-known for its heat. Hot pavement and sand can deteriorate the condition of your tires faster. If your tires have minor defects already, you could experience serious problems.

Summers can increase the chances of a tire blowout or equipment malfunction of your vehicle which may cause loss of control over the vehicle and a higher risk of an accident. You may also experience engine overheating problems. However, you can change your tire before a long road trip to avoid any incident.

Moreover, hot weather can impact the drivers as excessive heat may cause dehydration, fatigue, and weakness. This may lead to feeling sleepy and drowsy, increasing the risk of an accident many folds.

4. Alcohol Impairment:

Around holidays in the summers, drunk driving cases spike exponentially. Summers are a great time for family to get together and celebrate, which makes alcohol consumption very common. Many people risk their own lives and the lives of others when they choose to drive under the influence. This significantly increases the number of accidents in summers.

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Florida car accidents can be avoided by following the traffic rules, observing responsible driving, and checking your vehicle before road trips. However, if you or your loved ones get hurt in a car accident, immediately contact a car accident attorney to know your legal options. Our team of professionally experienced attorneys will protect your rights while ensuring the compensation you deserve.

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