How to Handle Road Rage Accidents in Florida?

When you go out for a drive you realize how road rage accidents in Florida are very common. You may encounter angry people on the road. People often neglect the magnitude of road rage and its severe consequences. The cases of road rage are significantly higher in Florida. The data from densely populated areas such as Texas and California shows fewer road rage accidents than reported in Florida. The population of Florida is lower than Texas and California, yet the cases are much higher.

You should be aware of how to handle the situation when you meet such an angry driver. There could be underlying factors for the road rage behavior from a well-adjusted human. You should also know the signs of road rage behavior. In case you face an accident, you may require an auto accident attorney to guide you through the best legal options.

Why Do Road Rage Accidents in Florida Happen?

You may never know why another driver is experiencing an episode of road rage. A trigger element can cause road rage accidents in Florida. Psychologists have identified certain reasons why people experience fits of road rage:

  • A car may trigger the behavior due to its impact on self-esteem
  • The driver may be frustrated and feel it’s the only place to be in control and power
  • If you haven’t been with other drivers, you may mistakenly believe that other drivers’ actions are offensive
  • A person may retaliate aggressively after being in contact with the other driver
  • A person confined to a car may see other cars as obstacles to move around them

In 2020, around 42,060 people died due to motor accidents. Even if you are aware of the underlying reason for this behavior. You should never assume or interact based on the reasons. You won’t be aware of the capability of a negligent driver or the intensity of danger.

Common Signs of Road Rage:

Common behaviors that depict anticipated road rage behavior in another driver includes:

  • Tailgating the vehicle
  • Excessively using a horn
  • Sudden brakes
  • Hindering other drivers and not giving space for roadway or lane change
  • Using left lane to navigate and travel
  • Failure to use indicators
  • Cutting another vehicle off by entering their lane

You may have experienced these signs already. A person could easily stress out in this situation. Some people exhibit similar behavior when they experience road rage from another driver. This can cause a road rage accident in Florida.

What to Do If You Experience Road Rage

There are ways to prevent road rage accidents in Florida from the source. To diffuse the intense situation, you should immediately evaluate the intensity of the aggressive behavior. If the other person tries hand gestures and horns, just avoid it and focus on your driving. If you won’t bother and make eye contact, the situation may diffuse.

It’s possible that the other driver is exhibiting dangerous behaviors such as tailgating, constantly flashing high beams, not giving you space to drive, or other dangerous behaviors like forcefully stopping the vehicle and threatening another driver. You should never pull over. Instead, try to make your way out. If it is necessary to stop, you should stop in front of the police or fire department. You can also call and request assistance at 911. It is appropriate to stay in your vehicle until help is there. You should focus on instantly escaping from the situation or diffusing it.

You need to remain calm in this situation and maintain a safe distance between vehicles until the police arrive. Florida is a no-fault state, which means you are required to file for the claim from your insurance provider, whereas the other driver will claim from their insurance provider. If you experience serious injuries and damages, you will need help from a car accident attorney.

Do not try to communicate with the aggressive driver, you won’t be able to reason with them. This can further escalate the situation. If you are forced to communicate, you can apologize to calm the situation. This is against the normal dealing tactic post-accident since it is believed that the one apologizing is guilty of the accident. You should not worry about it as dealing with a raging driver is more important. It is a safe tactic to lower the aggressiveness in this condition. If you will try to correct them or try to tell them that their actions were wrong, you might intimidate them for further aggressive behavior.

Get in Touch:

Hiring a professional and experienced car accident attorney for a road rage accident in Florida is highly significant. Your attorney will represent you, guide you through the process and protect your rights so that you receive the compensation you deserve from your road rage accidents in Florida.

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