How Long Will My Florida Car Accident Case Take to Settle?

All auto accident claims are different. The timeline for completion of each case can substantially vary even if the injuries caused by the accident are similar. If you rush your claim, you might end up losing thousands of dollars in your Florida car accident case. Our injury attorney in Florida can help you with your injury claim promptly and professionally. Our legal team will always watch your back and by being responsible, we mean that we will not rush your traffic accident compensation claim to get the settlement.

We will prioritize what you want. Our experienced lawyers will do everything in their power to resolve your case and help you get a large and fair amount in compensation.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that there were 3,133 traffic accidents out of 2,915 accidents. Florida is on top of the highest road fatalities per 100,000 population and about 60% of all road fatalities occur in urban areas and on the roads.

How Our Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Florida Car Accident Case:

Quality legal advice along with adequate medical care and attention are the two vital needs you must attend to after being the victim of a collision.

After hiring our attorneys, you can expect the following from us:

  • We will conduct your complete investigation of the accident to find out what happened and how it happened
  • We will identify every party that was involved and might be responsible for the crash
  • We will save every piece of evidence to prove the negligence of other parties
  • We will keep in touch with your insurance company and will file the claim about your accident on your behalf
  • Manage everything including the negotiations and initiate legal actions if the opposition party refused to negotiate
  • Protect you and your interests in every way throughout the process

Factors Affecting Auto Accident Resolution:

A Florida car accident claim is impacted by several factors such as the timing of the suit and how it is presented. The requirement of time in resolving the case always depends upon the facts and the circumstances of the accident.

Following are the examples of the above-mentioned scenarios:

  • The Extent of Your Injuries:

If you are involved in a car accident, you might be in dire pain, depending on the extent of the seriousness of the injuries. The extent of your injuries is directly proportional to the time it takes to resolve your case.

If you have not reached your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) before the resolution of your case, you can receive the least amount in your settlement. MMI is considered as a dead-end where the doctor will not treat you any further because no medical treatment can improve your condition or state.

For most patients, MMI means the full recovery of accident victims. But, for other victims, it is considered as having a permanent disability or impairment that is unable to cure with any other treatment.

It is hard to identify the full extent of your injuries and damages before the completion of the medical treatment and if the doctor has given you a prognosis. You can only guess about how much your medical care cost, how much you have lost your wages, and how much you paid for other damages.

A severe car crash often causes injuries that take time to heal, and also psychological injuries always take time to fully recover. We may hire some medical experts and psychological specialists to provide their testimony on the extent of your injuries. These are the important steps that can help you increase your settlement.

  • Determining Insurance Coverage:

Florida is considered a no-fault state. The first claim that you will file after an accident will be against your PIP (no-fault) insurance coverage.

You may be entitled to file a claim against the driver in the case where the magnitude of your injuries is extremely severe. There is a possibility that the other driver is not protected by their insurance. Your injury lawyer should determine that if your insurance coverage is available or not, and whether you should pursue an injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact Us for Your Consultation:

Most car accident cases are settled without people filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you are confused regarding your future course of action, you can either call us or submit an online case review form to connect with our attorney. They will assist you in your Florida car accident case and also schedule a free and confidential consultation session.

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