Personal Injury Claims in Florida: The 5 Most Common Types

Personal injuries can occur due to any unfortunate accidents. The personal injury claims in Florida are one of the highest in comparison with other states. Although there are many kinds of personal injuries that individuals can suffer, these are the five common ones in Florida.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Florida:

There are many types of personal injury cases in the state of Florida, but these five types are the most common.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

One of the topmost personal injury claims in Florida is regarding motor vehicle accidents. Since it is one of the busiest states due to a lot of traveling, it is also having a high number of accidents.

As per the statistics of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Florida has the second-highest fatal crashes throughout the U.S.

This stat tells us a lot about how one can find themselves in motor vehicle accidents in Florida. Also, the claims do not have a restriction to the vehicle’s occupants only. It also applies to the pedestrians or other drivers that got caught up due to the irresponsible behavior of other drivers.

Motorcyclists often find themselves filing for personal injury claims. Since the weather of Florida is ideal for cycling and there is no restriction on wearing a helmet, they are much more prone to accidents.

Slip and Fall:

Although such cases are common in the north due to the cold and icy weather, there are instances in Florida where you can have a personal injury due to slip and fall. A wet floor in a shopping mall office is one example of where you can injure yourself due to someone’s negligence.

In the above instance, the store owner or the management of the office is responsible. As a result, you can file for a personal injury case for compensation for your injuries.

As per the Florida Department of Health, one of the leading causes of death and injury of people above 65 is unintentional falls.

Medical Malpractice:

Unfortunately, personal injury claims to medical malpractice are also quite high in Florida. Even though Florida has high standards of medical facilities, such a high number of medical malpractice claims is sad.

Sadly, often negligence in the medical industry can also lead to wrongful death. All of this puts a lot of pressure on the doctors and the paramedic staff who are responsible for the safety of the patient’s health. Surgical processes, anesthesia overdose, and improper diagnosis can be the reason behind life-altering events and ultimately, personal injuries.

In addition to this, nursing homes and negligence are also included in medical malpractice claims. Due to the high elderly population, there is a shortage of medical staff to deal with patients. As a result, it leads to unintentional harm, which can lead to injuries and even death.

Workers’ Compensation:

Injuries in the workplace are also a common reason behind a personal injury claim. Businesses don’t provide their workers with the right equipment or safe working conditions to meet consumer demand. As a result, it can lead to everlasting injuries to the workers.

The negligence or the greed of corporations to cut back on cost can, in some cases, lead to wrongful death as well. Therefore, the state of Florida has a high number of personal injury cases where workers are looking for compensation.

Sadly, the claims of personal injuries due to improper or unsafe working conditions are rising as corporations look to save money.

Product Liability:

Product liability is also one of the common personal injury claims that many people file for in Florida. It is when a seller gives its customers a faulty product, and it has caused injuries to the customer.

In such cases, the seller or the manufacturer of the products is at fault and needs to pay compensation. The claimant must show proof that the product is the reason behind the injuries. Also, in case of monetary loss/damages, the plaintiff must have proof to show it is because of the product.

Hire the Best Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claims:

There is no doubt that personal injuries, especially life-altering ones, can have a significant impact on your life. It can disturb your mental health and can be the reason for permanent disabilities as well.

Therefore, we at Florida Lawyers 360 are here to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. With years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims, our experts can give you top-notch services.

Your personal injury claims in Florida will be handled by an expert attorney who will guide you throughout the case.

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