Timeline to Follow for Your Personal Injury Case in Florida

Getting in any kind of personal injury case in Florida can turn out to be fatal and even cause you a disability. It can also put any individual in a lifelong trauma. Besides all the physical and mental injuries, the victim is stuck with a substantial financial burden because of the medical bills and lost wages. If someone else’s negligence caused the incident of a car accident, slip & fall, motor accident, medical malpractice, etc., the victim could claim compensation.

A Personal Injury Case in Florida Settlement Timeline:

To get the compensation you deserve, you need to know how to approach the claim. In a personal injury case in Florida, there is a specific timeline that you need to follow to successfully secure the compensation for every loss you faced due to the incident.

  • Accident or Injury Occurs:

Nobody plans on getting into an accident; it hits you uninformed. Even if you are always conscious in your daily routine of trying to avoid anything that would lead to a dangerous situation, you’re still at risk of ending up in an accident. This can be stressful and frustrating, but instead of panicking over it, you must prepare yourself for any such incident.

It is important that you collect your thoughts and take all measures necessary to secure your future. This starts from documenting evidence because when you file for financial compensation, you need to have everything documented. The evidence would include the photographs of the scene, the name and contact information of the witnesses and the person at fault, and other details of the scene.

When you call the police, you should be ready to get copied of IDs of all the persons involved, witness information, and all other relevant information (traffic cameras, construction zones, weather conditions, who you spoke to, etc.) It would help if you also were prepared to make a formal statement about the incident.

  • Seek Medical Attention:

The second most important thing you need to do is seek medical attention. This is essential both for your well-being and to claim financial compensation. So as soon as you get in an accident, go to the nearest emergency care center or hospital to seek medical help. A medical professional will diagnose your injuries and prescribe you treatment. While you’re seeking medical help for your injuries, ensure that you take photographs of all your visible injuries.

It is essential to record these medical documents and photographs to provide them as evidence in your personal injury case in Florida. The need for urgency to seek medical help is because if you delay getting your injuries diagnosed, the opposite party might claim these injuries to be old.

  • Consult an Attorney:

Some people find it unnecessary to consult an attorney, but it is really important to consult an attorney. If the case doesn’t require one, the attorney won’t take the case. However, if it does, the attorney will help you claim a much greater compensation than the insurance company would offer you.

  • Investigates Claim and Medical Records:

The attorney would do all the work for you. He will start by investigating your claim and medical records. Your attorney will interview you thoroughly for information about the incident and all the places you’ve been to seek medical treatment. They will also look into your past medical history to confirm something doesn’t clash with your current injuries.

  • File an Insurance Claim:

Many attorneys prefer getting a settlement from the insurance company without taking the case to court. The threat of taking it to court can be used as an advantage to get the desired compensation from the insurance company.

  • Lawsuit is Filed:

If you cannot reach a desired settlement with the insurance company, you always have the option to file a lawsuit. You can take this step within 4 years of the injury. However, it’s better to act sooner.

  • Discovery:

In this process, both parties will assess the claims and defenses of each other. They are allowed to propound written discovery of specific types by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

  • Mediation:

To reach a settlement, both sides will attempt mediation after the discoveries are collected. At this stage, a third-party mediator is involved who is neutral and has no interest in the outcomes of the case.

  • Trial:

If the parties are unable to settle even after going through all the above stages, the case then goes to trial. This stage can be very uncertain as six different individuals from different backgrounds decide the verdict.

Get Help With Your Personal Injury Case in Florida

No matter, how you decide to take forward your personal injury case in Florida, hiring an experienced attorney is very essential. Florida Lawyers 360 is an expert in getting their clients their desired settlement. If you wish your case to be dealt with by an experienced attorney, contact us today.

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