Theme Park Accidents

Orlando has been dubbed by some as “The Theme Park Capital of America.” Every year, millions of people from around the country and the world come to Orlando to enjoy the beautiful weather and the local theme parks. Unfortunately, some of these people will sustain injuries while on park property.

Theme park operators in Orlando, like all property owners, have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent their visitors from suffering undue physical harm or mental anguish. While most companies operating theme parks in Orlando do their best to avoid causing personal injury to parkgoers, the sheer size of some parks and the amount of visitors mean accidents may be unavoidable.

If you were hurt while visiting a theme park in Orlando, it might have been because an employee, manager, contractor, or other entity associated with the maintenance and safety of the park was negligent in performing their duties. By speaking to a qualified Orlando personal injury attorney, you may be able to find answers as to why your injury took place and get the compensation you need to be made whole again.

Theme parks in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to many theme parks. The two most popular theme park groups by far are those under the Walt Disney and Universal Studios brands. Other major theme parks in Orlando include Holy Land Experience, Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Legoland Florida, and Seaworld.

Large park complexes like Disney, Universal Studios, and Seaworld have several parks within them. They include:


Walt Disney World Resort Universal Studios Resort Seaworld Orlando Resort
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Islands of Adventure Aquatica
Disney’s Hollywood Studios Universal Studios Discovery Cove
Epcot Wet n’ Wild Seaworld Orlando
Magic Kingdom
Disney’s Blizzard Beach
Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Common theme park injuries

The most common theme park injuries in Orlando among the three biggest parks (Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld) are slip and fall injuries. Over 40 percent of theme park injury lawsuits in Orlando stem from slip and fall injuries. Food poisoning, animal-related injuries, and contracting disease other types of injuries that may befall parkgoers.

Other, more serious injuries, may include injuries suffered on rides or other park attractions. Catastrophic injuries may happen when staff allow unfit visitors like children, the elderly, and intoxicated individuals to partake in rides or other activities that may pose a heightened risk of getting hurt. In some instances, malfunctions with the ride itself may be the cause of an injury.

Whether the injury is a slip and fall resulting in a torn ligament or a catastrophic injury resulting in broken bones, amputation, or death, if negligence was at play the victim may be able to hold the park accountable and seek damages. Types of negligence include premises liability, negligence in hiring, retention, supervision or security, or improperly designed or maintained rides and attractions.

Orlando theme park injury attorneys

Park visitors hurt by the negligence of park managers, staff, or maintenance may be able to recover compensation for their damages. Injury victims are encouraged to immediately seek medical attention after suffering an injury to document the condition and begin medical treatment. After that, theme park injury victims should seek out qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury attorneys to investigate their legal options.

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