Can You Sue the Car Maker for Airbag Deployment Failure in Florida?

Car accidents are a common occurrence on Florida roads, and when they happen, airbags can make all the difference in preventing serious injury or even death. But what happens when the airbag fails to deploy during an accident? Who is responsible for that failure? Can you sue the car maker for airbag deployment failure?

In this auricle, we will explore the different factors involved in proving liability for airbag deployment failure cases and how an experienced Florida car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation. First, let us explain what you need to prove in court.

Proving Liability in an Airbag Deployment Failure Case

Proving liability in an airbag deployment failure case can be a complicated process. In any personal injury case, the burden of proving negligence falls on the plaintiff, who must demonstrate that the car manufacturer failed to meet their duty of care in designing and producing safe vehicles.

To prove liability, your Florida car accident lawyer must show that:

  • The airbag should have deployed but did not
  • The airbag did not deploy because it is defective
  • The airbag deployment failure resulted in your injuries
  • You suffered economic damages due to your injuries.

The most common situations when the manufacturer’s strict liability tort is applicable are the following:

1. The Airbag Had Design or Manufacturing Flaws

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and your airbags failed to deploy or deployed improperly, one possible reason for this is that the airbag had design or manufacturing flaws. Airbags are complex safety devices that must be designed and manufactured precisely to work correctly during an accident.

If there was a defect in the design of your vehicle’s airbags, it means that they may not have been built with proper specifications or may have missing components. On the other hand, if there was a problem during manufacturing, it could mean that certain parts were assembled incorrectly.

In either case, proving liability requires expert testimony from experienced professionals who can analyze what went wrong with your airbag deployment system. This is where a skilled Florida car accident lawyer becomes crucial to help you build a strong case against the manufacturer.

2. Crash Sensor Failure

When a car crashes, sensors installed in the vehicle trigger the airbags to deploy. However, if these sensors fail to detect an accident or malfunction during a collision, it can result in airbag deployment failure. In such cases, proving liability for an airbag deployment failure case can be challenging.

Crash sensor failures are common causes of airbag deployment failures. These sensors play a crucial role in detecting changes in speed and direction of the vehicle during a crash. If they fail to function properly, they may not send signals to the airbag control module to enable them to deploy on impact.

Several factors can cause crash sensor problems that lead to airbag deployment failure. Some of these include design or manufacturing defects, which make the car maker liable for your injuries.

3. Problems with Car Computer or Electrical Components

When it comes to airbag deployment failure, one possible culprit could be problems with the car’s computer or electrical components. In modern cars, airbags are controlled by electronic sensors that detect a crash and trigger the deployment of the airbags. However, if there is an issue with the car’s computer or electrical system, these sensors may not function properly.

If the sensors fail to detect a crash or do not send the proper signal to deploy the airbags, this can result in serious injuries for those involved in an accident. It is important to note that manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles’ computers and electrical systems are functioning correctly.

In some cases, defects may occur during production or design which can lead to issues down the line. If you suspect that your vehicle’s electronics were responsible for your airbag deployment failure case in Florida, it’s crucial to contact an experienced attorney who can investigate further and help determine liability.

a malfunctioning airbag can cause severe injuries in a crash.

The Impact of the Crash Can Affect Airbags

When we think of airbag deployment failures, our minds often jump to faulty sensors or electrical components. However, it’s important to consider how the impact of a crash can also affect airbags.

The force and angle of a collision can greatly impact the effectiveness of an airbag. If a car is hit from the side, for example, the front airbags may not deploy at all as they are designed to protect against head-on collisions. In some cases, even if the airbags do deploy, they may not provide adequate protection due to their positioning in relation to the occupant or other factors such as seatbelt use.

It’s worth noting that modern cars are equipped with sophisticated systems that take into account various factors when deploying airbags. These systems utilize sensors placed throughout the vehicle that measure things like speed and direction of impact in order to determine which safety features should be activated.

However, there are still instances where these systems fail or cannot account for certain variables during a crash.

While design flaws and sensor failure are common causes of airbag deployment failures, it’s important not to overlook how external factors such as impact can play a role in these incidents. Consulting with an experienced Florida car accident lawyer is key in determining liability and seeking compensation for any injuries sustained during an accident involving an airbag deployment failure.

You May It Hard to Win Compensation If You Bought the Car from a Previous Owner

If you bought a car from a previous owner, it may be difficult to win compensation for airbag deployment failure. This is because the warranty that comes with the car usually only covers defects in manufacturing or design at the time of purchase.

Furthermore, if you have made any modifications to your vehicle since purchasing it, this can further complicate matters. Any unauthorized changes could affect the safety and performance of your car’s airbags and other safety features.

However, even if you purchased a used car with no warranty remaining, there may still be legal avenues available for seeking compensation. Consulting with an experienced Florida car accident lawyer who specializes in product liability cases can help determine whether legal action is viable and how best to proceed.

Contact an Experienced Florida Car Accident Lawyer!

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered injuries due to airbag deployment failure, it is important to seek legal help from an experienced Florida car accident lawyer. Proving liability in these cases can be complex, and having a skilled attorney on your side will increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

An experienced lawyer at Florida Lawyers 360 will thoroughly investigate the details surrounding your case, including any design or manufacturing flaws with the airbags, sensor failures, computer or electrical component malfunctions, or how the impact of the crash may have affected airbag deployment. They can also determine if buying a used car affects your ability to sue for damages.

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