Repetitive Stress Injuries

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws exist to protect all employees and their families, especially the hardest working. Long hours combined with long hours may produce debilitating injuries which can leave hardworking people unable to earn a living.

When repetitive stress injuries set in, workers may be unable to continue careers they relied upon to support their families. In these instances, financial stress may be compounded by the emotional turmoil felt by injured workers wondering how to provide for the people that count on them.

Fortunately, Florida workers’ compensation laws give injured employees the right to recover compensation and benefits for these financially incapacitating injuries. Injured workers are eligible by state law to receive payments should they be left injured and unable to retain their earning capacity.

Furthermore, injured Orlando, Florida workers hurt on the job may have hospital bills, medical treatment, evaluations, and examinations covered. Florida workers’ compensation laws are intended to get honest, hardworking people back on the job and provide financial relief.

Types of repetitive stress injuries

Workers may develop repetitive stress injuries for a variety of reasons. Constant exposure to everyday workplace activities can eventually take a toll on even the healthiest individuals.

Back, neck, and joint pain are just some examples of injuries workers can develop after years on the job. Tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome are all too common injuries conditions plaguing vulnerable segments of the working population trying to provide for their spouses and dependents.

Serious repetitive stress injuries like mesothelioma, cancer, and diseases attributed to toxic chemical exposure may be especially inhibiting to workers. Hardworking employees may be left unable to earn a living and provide for their families. An experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers get the medical treatment, compensation, and rehabilitation they are entitled to under the law.

Orlando, Florida workers’ compensation attorneys

If you developed an injury due to repetitive stress suffered on the job, speak to a qualified Florida workers’ compensation attorney about your rights. Filing workers’ compensation claims and getting the right evaluations can be complicated and an experienced attorney can help.

Florida law requires employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to compensate injured workers for repetitive stress injuries suffered on the job. Sadly though, not all injured workers are fairly compensated for their physical and financial suffering incurred through nothing more than the stress of performing their job.

Time deadlines, paperwork, and dealing with insurance claims adjusters are just some of the unfortunate pitfalls injured workers may have to faced when attempting to get the money they and their families need to maintain quality of life. The right Orlando workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers understand their legal rights and make informed decisions about best to proceed with claims.

Loss of income from disability, medical treatment, and retraining are just some of the things injured workers are entitled to under the law. Speak to a workers’ compensation attorney today about your claim and get the benefits you and your family deserve.

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