Reporting a Work Injury in Spring Hill, FL

Many businesses cannot succeed without the intervention of employees. That is why the Federal state has established laws that can protect the interests and rights of employees.

While employees are required to fulfill their duties, the employers are required to make sure that the workers are working in a safe environment and insured. Workers’ compensation is an insurance cover that offers employees for work-related injuries, illness, and losses.

Even though the law in Spring Hill, Florida does allow you to seek compensation for any losses that you may have incurred while at work, this is never an easy process.

That is why you need the help of a legal representative when reporting a work injury in Spring Hill. With the help of the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Spring Hill, FL, you can make sure that you get full compensation.

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How Long Do I Have In Reporting a Work Injury In Spring Hill, FL?

If you are suffering from a work-related illness or sustained an injury while at work, The law requires you to report the matter within 30 days.

However, if you fail to report the matter to your insurance provider or employer within this period, your claim will no longer be considered to be valid. Many people have lost the privilege of pursuing their claim for failing to report a workplace incident on time.

We always advise clients to make sure that they report a work-related accident immediately. Moreover, the other reason why you are required to notify your employer or insurer within this period is to create enough time to investigate your claim.

Co-worker reporting a work injury of another employee

To Whom Do I Have To Report A Work Injury?

For you to get compensated for your claim, there as several legal procedures that you are required to follow. Whether you are suffering from a work injury or illness contact one of our legal representatives to help through each stage.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers will help you file your claim on time and also help you fulfill each legal requirement. Once you get involved in a work-related accident, the first thing we advise our clients to do is report the matter to the employer, supervisor, or team leader.

After reporting a work injury, the supervisor, manager, or team leader will write a report of the incident and sign it before giving you a copy of the written report.

What Are the Employer Responsibilities After a Work Injury?

According to the Florida State laws, employers also have a role to play after an employee has been injured or got ill while at work. Therefore, if you are a victim of a work injury, make sure that your employer does the following:

  • Write a report of the incident immediately. Your employer must write a report of the work-related incident and make sure that the injured employer gets medical attention.
  • Notify the relevant authorities about the work-related accident. After making sure that you get treated for your injuries, your employer will notify the relevant authorities such as Florida’s Ministry of labor as well as the Health & Safety Committee.
  • Furthermore, your employer will also make sure that you receive contribution benefits as an employee. These benefits include life insurance, pension, and even health insurance.
  • Your employer is also required to secure your job post until you have fully recovered and resumed work. That means you do not have to look for another job once you have recovered. You can go back to your job post and continue with your duty.
    • However, sometimes an employee can be posted to another department with fewer responsibilities depending on the injuries sustained by the employee during the work-related accident.

What Are the Employee Responsibilities After a Work Injury?

Even though all employees are entitled to benefit from the worker’s compensation cover, there are various responsibilities that workers are required to fulfill so that they can fully be compensated for their injuries or work-related illnesses.

The law requires employees to do the following after sustaining a work-related injury.

  • Report the accident to the manager, team leader, or supervisor before seeking medical attention. Make sure that someone who is in charge is notified before you leave.
  • Besides reporting the matter, make sure that you get written notification of the incident and leave a copy with the supervisor, manager, or team leader.
  • The law also requires you to fill in a WC-14 form. After filling in this particular form, forward it to the States workers’ compensation board. Also, make sure that you give a copy of this form to your employer.
  • Seek medical attention immediately. It does not matter whether you sustain minor or severe injuries. Make sure that you get treated before taking your leave. Do not forget to keep all the records of your medical reports and damages since such documents can be used as evidence when pursuing your claim.


Reporting a work injury and filing a claim

If you want your claim to be approved and be fully compensated for your losses, then you need to make sure that you fulfill all these legal requirements.

Moreover, you can make sure that you overcome any legal challenges that you may come across by working with Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Florida.

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Workers’ compensation is an insurance cover that protects the rights of employees. It does not matter which sector you specialize in as an employee; the Law requires all employers to have an insurance cover for their workers.

Therefore, do not risk getting a partial settlement by pursuing your claim alone, let us help you with your case, and look forward to being fully compensated for your losses.

Furthermore, working with us will also relieve your stress as we get to do most of the hard work for you such as filing your claim, and investigating more on your case.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Florida can help you with your case by making sure that your claim is filed on time and ensure that you get a fair settlement for your work-related injuries or illness.

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