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Our Jacksonville personal injury lawyers assist victims to file a claim for compensation following an accident or injury that was the result of negligence. These lawsuits can be filed in civil courts or outside of court, subject to the terms of the negotiated settlement.

Personal injury cases can be as diverse as there are ways for a person to get hurt. Personal injury cases could include claims for car accidents/injury medical malpractice, premises liability (slip-and-falls) as well as products liability, and work injuries.

Accidents can leave a serious impact on your financial, physical, and emotional well-being. It can be overwhelming to deal with legal matters after one sustains a personal injury.

You do not have to do this alone; let our Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at Florida Lawyers 360 help you navigate the legal process.

With the help of Florida Lawyers 360 personal injury lawyers, you will no longer have to deal with adjusters’ insistent calls. Our qualified attorneys will communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

We will also look into the specific factors surrounding your case and help you establish liability and the proper damages you should recover.

Our professional personal injury lawyers at Florida Lawyers 360 will ensure that both the legal system and insurance companies handle your case appropriately and promptly. We offer all personal injury claim victims in Florida a contingency fee plan.

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Here at Jacksonville Lawyers 360, our team is skilled in handling personal injury, and workers compensation cases. If you’ve suffered injuries by the negligence of another Contact our Jacksonville personal injury law firm today for a free consultation.

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What Should You Do After Sustaining an Injury?

You are likely to be in shock and confused after getting involved an accident. Your steps after an injury-causing incident will affect whether you can file a personal injury claim.

If you have been hurt due to a faulty product, car accident, worksite accident, or any other event, take the following actions:

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

After an accident, most individuals often ignore getting a medical checkup because they have no visible injuries or have only sustained minor injuries. When ignored, minor injuries can worsen, becoming long-term, permanent, or fatal.

It is also possible for you to suffer internal injuries that can only be detected when a professional conduct a complete body checkup.

Seeking immediate medical attention ensures you can prove that your injuries resulted from the accident. If you take too long to seek medical attention, insurers might argue that you had the injuries before the accident.

After you receive medical treatment, ensure that you safely and securely keep all records of your treatment and information about the accident.

This information includes rental car receipts, a list of all contacts, the contact information and name of the claim’s adjuster, a claim number, and any other expenses related to the accident.

Personal Injury in Jacksonville

Take Videos/Photos

Take videos and pictures documenting the accident scene and your injuries. Collecting evidence when filing a personal injury claim is crucial as it makes it easier for you to support your recount of the accident later.

Consider taking pictures of any apparent damage you may have suffered. If you cannot take pictures, ask someone to do it. While at it, ensure you do not impede the police’s investigation.

Were you unable to take pictures of the accident? Do your injuries make it difficult for you to return to the accident scene? Consider asking a friend or loved one to help you keep track of the events related to your accident.

If your accident is work-related, ensure you keep tabs on any adjustments made to policies or at your workplace by your employer.

Get Witness Information

Ask for witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers at the accident scene so that you and your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can reach them later. Ensure you also get the information of the other involved parties.

Drivers involved in auto accidents often get a police report number if police officers are called to the scene. Should you need the police report, you can call that number.

Report the Incident

If you get hurt in a police-involved accident, you must take and file a formal report. Ask for the police report since it will be helpful in your lawsuit. Knowing the information and conclusions of the police report allows you to have a substantial advantage during negotiations.

Have you been in a work-related accident? It would be best if you informed your manager and co-workers so that they back you up when you file your claim.

It would be best if you also alerted your employer concerning the accident so that they make the needed adjustments, preventing any more accidents.

Never Admit Fault

When faced with a difficult situation, some individuals automatically apologize even though it is not their fault. Unfortunately, acknowledging guilt can and will be used against you when you are in an accident.

Even if it is clear that you are not at fault for the personal injury, admitting fault slows down your claim process.

Conversing with the other involved party is best only when you exchange necessary information. If you must talk to them, ensure you communicate candidly about the incident and what took place without taking responsibility or apologizing.

The other involved party and insurers will do anything to avoid covering your losses, so avoid admitting fault.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Speaking to a skilled personal injury lawyer after your injury is a vital step you ought to take to protect your rights. A Jacksonville personal injury attorney from Florida Lawyers 360 can help you protect your rights while ensuring that all the crucial evidence stays intact.

We will help you with whatever you need, from getting the best medical treatment to maximum damages for your loss. We offer our clients a contingency fee plan, preventing them from incurring expenses until we help win their claim.

Why Should I Hire a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney?

Being involved in an accident and suffering an injury is not desirable. Often, personal injury cases are upsetting, tiresome, and expensive. Have you suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence?

You can pursue multiple options to help reduce your financial burden and stress.

Hiring our skilled personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL, ensures you have an easy time navigating your claims process and receive maximum compensation for your accident. Working with our qualified personal injury lawyers is in your best interest.

Personal injury attorneys can help you with the following:

File a Lawsuit/ Case Preparation

We offer personal injury victims a contingency fee plan, only charging them after we reach the desired settlement. We will carefully review potential clients’ cases to determine if they have a strong case.

We will help you collect evidence supporting your case, including incident reports. We will help you track down witnesses and take their testimonies if necessary.

We will also help you review other evidence, such as medical records, receipts, bills, reports, employment reports, and documentation.

Why you should hire a lawyer

Settlement Negotiation

Most people do not fight to receive fair settlement because they feel intimidated by insurance companies. Our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys have years of experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies. We will examine the policy’s provisions and evaluate the case’s circumstances to calculate maximum damages.

At Florida Lawyers 360, our Jacksonville personal injury lawyers are well-equipped to handle communication with insurers. We will ensure that you do not do anything that might harm your lawsuit, such as giving a recorded statement.

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Trial Preparation & Representation

If we cannot reach a fair settlement with the insurers, we will help you file a lawsuit. Our skilled personal injury lawyers can help if that is the situation.

We are qualified litigators and will fight to protect your rights and represent you in court, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

When Should You Contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer?

The short answer is to act promptly. If you’ve been hurt in the course of a Florida personal injury situation, it is crucial to act fast. The reasons are numerous.

The first, the earlier you speak to a skilled personal injury attorney, the quicker the Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can begin assembling all the details required to bring an action.

It takes time to gather medical records, gather witness statements and conduct an investigation into the circumstances of an accident. Your lawyer may need to devote more time. Also, you must move quickly since evidence could easily vanish.

Your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer should begin investigating at the earliest opportunity to ensure that any witnesses, photos or video clips can be found and preserved. The longer you delay longer, the less likely it is.

The statute of limitations is something you should not be concerned about if you do not take action quickly enough. Your attorney will be competent to track the case and any deadlines. They’ll also make sure that deadlines are completed with enough time.

This will take the burden off of your shoulders.

How Much Does a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

The personal injury lawyers at Florida Lawyers 360 take on personal injury cases on a contingency fee. Our contingency fee basis means we will agree on a percentage of the award or settlement before taking on your case.

This amount will cover our legal expenses and services.

One of the perks of hiring our skilled personal injury attorneys at Florida Lawyers 360 is that you do not have to pay any upfront fees, however long it takes to settle your case.

Legal expenses are usually a significant concern for most people pursuing a personal injury claim. Our contingency fee plan allows you access to professional high-quality legal representation without worrying about the financial burden.

At Florida Lawyers 360, we will only charge you if we help you win your case. You will only pay us if we help you win the case. Our contingency fee basis guarantees that our team will work on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation.

How is Liability Determined in a Jacksonville Personal Injury Case?

In order to in order to hold the accountable party accountable and to recover damages for your injuries, your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer has to prove the four elements of negligence:

  • Duty of care: The at-fault person was accountable for ensuring your safety. Driving is an example of this obligation.
  • Infraction of Duty: The accountable party did not uphold the obligation of care.
  • Cause: The negligence led to your injury.
  • Damages: You suffered from damages including financial loss and suffering.

Can I Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if I am Partially at Fault?

Personal injuries can be a bit complicated. In certain cases the victim is 100% to blame and the other party is completely to blame. But, this isn’t always the case.

In some states, this may cause serious issues for those who suffer of personal injuries, resulting in the claims of compensation thrown out of court. In North Carolina, for example should just 1% of the plaintiff’s fault is determined, their entire claim is dismissed.

Thankfully, that’s not the way things are conducted in Florida. This is because Florida is one of the 13 states to adopt a system based on comparative negligence. This means that a person can assert a claim against somebody else even if that person is a part of the person responsible for the accident.

This can be illustrated by an example of a car accident was caused by reckless driving . The driver was found to have been turning ahead of the driver with no working turn signal.

The jury may decide that the person who was injured is 10 percent responsible for the crash and award 90 percent of the blame to the other driver.

If the jury concludes that the case has a value of $100,000, the plaintiff will be awarded $90,000. However the percentage of the plaintiff will be reduced by the amount awarded to the victim.

personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claims Process

All personal injury claims are different depending on the facts surrounding your accident. Here is the general process that most personal injury claims follow:

Initial Consultation

On your first consultation, our Jacksonville personal injury attorney will analyze your case’s facts and answer any questions you have about your claim.

After this consultation, your personal injury lawyer will analyze your injury claims and offer you legal counsel on the best approach depending on your specific needs.


After your initial consultation, our qualified Jacksonville personal injury attorneys will immediately begin investigating your accident claim details. The evidence they collect may include medical records and pictures from the accident scene.

The attorneys will then compile all the relevant accident records into the main event of your claim.


While our skilled personal injury attorneys investigate the accident and submit insurance claims on your behalf, it will be best for you to take this time to focus on your recovery. It will be best to follow the course of treatment recommended by your doctor, as it will ensure you attain recovery.

It is in your best interest to keep track of all your doctors’ visits, expenses, and days you miss work due to your injuries. Doing so will ensure that your attorney considers and incorporates all the possible damages in your demand.

Demand Package

A demand package typically describes the history of your personal injury claim, including the order of how the incident happened, liability theory, and the settlement demand.

A skilled personal injury attorney in Jacksonville will review the demand package with you once it is ready to ensure it is complete. They will then send the insurers the demand package for a lawsuit review and assessment.


Once the insurance providers have examined the demand package, they typically respond with a settlement proposal.

If they make a settlement offer, the Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at Florida Lawyers 360 will immediately contact you to review your options based on their experience and expertise in handling similar personal injury cases.

You will decide whether to take them up on their offer, file a lawsuit, or make a counterdemand.


After our qualified personal injury lawyers successfully negotiate a settlement with the insurers that adequately compensate you for your injuries, they will draft a settlement agreement outlining the contract’s terms.

Our attorneys will prepare a settlement memo for you to analyze, outlining the distribution of the settlement funds before you can sign the settlement agreement.

While we typically resolve most personal injury cases outside court, a lawsuit may be necessary if the insurance company denies your claim or undervalues your injuries.


If our attorneys do not reach an agreeable settlement with the insurance companies, we will help you file a lawsuit. You will then take your claim before a jury or judge, who will give a verdict against the party who caused your injuries

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Florida Lawyers 360 Handle?

Have you suffered harm due to another party’s negligence or carelessness? You may qualify to recover damages. Defective items, traffic accidents, and dog bites are a few examples of the different personal injury cases that our firm handles.

Other types of personal injury cases Florida Lawyers 360 handles include the following:

Medical Malpractice

These are the negligent actions a physician or other healthcare provider takes that harm the patient. Medical malpractice lawsuits argue that medical professionals failed to offer patients reasonable competent treatment.

It is crucial to have our attorneys fight for your rights since the quality of medical care will differ within institutions.

Product Liability

Product liability laws state that product manufacturers or sellers may be held accountable for any harm caused by their defective product.

At Florida Lawyers 360, we understand that all products ought to meet the basic safety standards that consumers expect. If a product has a hazard or flaw deviating from these expectations, it is considered defective. As a result, the seller or manufacturer may be held liable for any harm.

Our qualified personal injury lawyers have extensive experience handling product liability cases, so we can help you recover maximum damages. We will work closely with other experts and collect evidence that will help us build a strong case proving the product’s defect and the other party’s liability.

Premise Liability

These cases can be complex. Determining the party at fault for your injury can be challenging since it depends on several factors, including the purpose of your visit to the premise and the extent of permission given for you to enter the building.

Our Jacksonville premise liability lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of premise liability laws to establish whether the occupier or owner of the property is responsible for your injuries.

Our qualified lawyers will put in work to help you build a strong case to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are the primary cause of most personal injury cases in the US. Most accidents are typically a result of drivers failing to take proper precautions when on the road or not adhering to traffic regulations.

You can file a lawsuit to hold a careless driver accountable financially and legally if you are injured in a car accident due to their negligence.

Wrongful Death Claims

At Florida Lawyers 360, we understand the pain and suffering of wrongful deaths. The malicious actions or carelessness of another party usually causes these deaths. You might qualify to seek damages if your loved one died as a result of another person’s negligence.

We have extensive experience handling wrongful death cases and will offer you legal guidance and support to help you navigate the claims process and get justice.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents are a common source of physical harm, especially among the elderly. You deserve compensation if you are hurt in a slip-and-fall accident due to someone’s negligence.


Personal injury claims are not restricted to accidents. It is common for attack victims to bring a civil personal injury claim, seeking compensation for their harm.

Have you or a loved one been abused? You can file a claim and recover damages. The personal injury attorneys at Florida Lawyers 360 will fight on your behalf from start to finish to ensure you get the desired result in your case.

Animal Bites and Attacks

While rare, animal attacks can leave a victim with severe wounds. Each year, millions of people are bitten by dogs. Florida Lawyers 360 can help you if you have been attacked or bitten by an animal.

How is Pure Comparative Negligence Defined in Florida?

Not just does Florida allow a person who is responsible for some of his or her injuries to sue for damages, however, the state goes one step further and allows people to sue even when they are more responsible than the other person.

Florida employs a pure comparative negligence system, which means a person can recover damages even if the other party is 99 percent responsible.

It’s important to remember that in these cases the amount the victim is entitled to will be reduced by his or her degree of negligence. This is the reason it’s important to work with a skilled Jacksonville personal injury lawyer who is aware of how to manage your case.

Recovering from an injury

How Much is My Jacksonville Injury Case Worth?

While it’s a query that many people want to know the answer but the truth is it is impossible to answer before hearing details of your situation. This is because there’s no precise formula for determining what a personal injury case is worth.

Many factors go into determining the amount you’ll get therefore the best method is to hire an experienced Jacksonville personal injury lawyer assess the particulars of your case.

What Damages Can I Claim in a Personal Injury Claim?

You can suffer various losses in an accident, including emotional, psychological, and material. Several weeks to years of lost wages, unexpected medical costs, and intangible losses such as emotional pain are a few examples.

If another person’s negligence caused your accident, you might qualify for financial compensation for your losses.

The extent of your injuries usually influences the damages you receive. To learn more about the types of damages, you can recover in your personal injury claim, it will be best to consult with our skilled attorneys at Florida Lawyers 360.

You can recover the following damages in your personal injury claim:


Economic damages are losses with a monetary value that can be easily calculated. These damages usually include verifiable expenses and costs, such as medical expenses and lost wages. Economic damages may include the following:

  • Lost earnings
  • Past and present medical bills and any future medical costs for the injuries you suffered from the accident
  • Possible loss of future earnings if you cannot work at your current job anymore
  • Household expenses for any adjustments that may be made to accommodate your injury


Non-economic damages are intangible losses with no fixed monetary value, making them difficult to quantify. These losses can include the following:

  • Damage to reputation
  • Unhappiness with life
  • Friendship loss
  • Emotional anguish
  • Mental suffering


In Florida, a personal injury case victim can seek punitive damages. These damages are intended to penalize the liable party for their wrongdoing or malicious actions.

Punitive damages are usually reserved for specific situations, often those that involve harmful, wanton, or reckless conduct on the liable party’s part.

Punitive damages are not designed to compensate you for your loss but to punish the liable party.

For instance, if a driver knows that driving under the influence can result in a crash but chooses to drive anyway and get in an accident, the court may consider their action intentional, hence imposing punitive damages.

How Is Liability Determined?

There are four elements of negligence that you must prove to establish one’s liability in a personal injury case. The following are the four elements used to determine liability in a personal injury case:

Duty of Care

You can only have a case when you prove that the liable party owed you a legal duty of care. For example, drivers owe other drivers and road users the legal duty of care.

Business owners owe people entering their establishments a legal duty of care, meaning the law requires them to ensure that all individuals entering their establishments are safe.

Breach of Duty

Failure to exercise reasonable care is considered a breach of duty. After establishing that the liable party owed you the duty of care, you must demonstrate how they breached the duty of care.

An example of someone breaching their duty of care is a reckless driver or a medical doctor who strays from ethical medical standards.


This is the third element of negligence in a personal injury case that requires you to establish that by the liable party failing to employ reasonable care, their actions directly resulted in your accident.

For instance, if a driver runs a red light and this results in them colliding with your vehicle, causing an accident.


This is the last element you need to prove the other party’s negligence. You must prove that you suffered real losses or harm in the accident after the liable party breached their duty of care.

The state of Florida applies a pure comparative negligence rule. This rule recognizes that claimants may have some degree of responsibility in an accident. If you are partially responsible for the accident, you will recover damages proportionate to your fault percentage.

Should You Accept an Initial Settlement Offer?

The truth is that the majority of claims do not make it to a judge, thanks to skilled Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyers cooperating together with insurance companies in order to negotiate reasonable settlements on their own cutting down on time and costs associated with court cases.

Although every case is unique but it’s generally an unwise decision to accept a first settlement offer. Settlement offers are generally made knowing that the other party will not accept them and they are usually very low. This makes room to negotiate upwards.

Another issue with rushing to accept an offer early is that you might settle a case before you are aware of the severity of your injuries.

A good example of when this can be especially dangerous is if you reach settlement, only to find out later that you require medical attention in the future to deal with your injuries, like surgery.

You’ll be accountable for the cost of the settlement if it has been made. In this regard, it’s essential that you hire an knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney look over your case as well as any settlement offers.

Our Jacksonville personal attorneys have the experience and skill to judge if the offer is fair. They will also help you determine whether accepting the offer is in sense.

What is the Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Florida

In Florida, even if you have significant evidence against the negligent party, you must ensure that you file your personal injury claim within the statute of limitation.

Failing to file your personal injury claim within the time limit renders your evidence irrelevant, meaning you cannot pursue your claim to recover compensation.

The time limit to file your personal injury claim in Florida is four years from when the injury happens. This statute has exceptions, such as wrongful death claims with a two-year time limit from when the death occurred.

Medical malpractice lawsuits also have a two-year time limit for victims to file claims.

Different injury claims may have some exceptions, so it will be best to consult a Jacksonville personal injury attorney immediately after you get into an accident. It is vital to consult a skilled personal injury lawyer to ensure you file your claim within the time limit.

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What Will happen if the Statute of Limitations Expires?

Statutes of limitation are important and have the reason that people cannot file claims for years, or even decades after the incident that caused the limitation.

If you do not file a claim before the statute of limitation has run out, then your claim is denied in court, no regardless of the strength of an argument you might have. Good news is that the law does not demand that you file your claim within the stipulated period.

Contact Our Jacksonville Personal Injury Law Firm

A driver’s, doctor’s, or property owner’s negligent actions can harm your ability to enjoy life or earn a living. The Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at Florida Lawyers 360 can help you get your life back on track by helping you recover maximum personal injury damages.

We will invest our resources, expertise, and attention to help you hold responsible parties accountable and recover fair compensation for your injuries.

Our qualified personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville have extensive years of experience helping injured accident victims in Jacksonville and across Florida in fighting to protect their rights.

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