Florida Hit-and-Run Accidents Guide: What You Need to Know

Traveling is a good experience for many people, but it becomes traumatic if they are involved in a car accident. Usually, the main reason for car accidents is over-speeding. Therefore, whenever a person is driving a car, they must follow traffic rules even on their typical daily route to work. Moreover, the worst happens in Florida hit-and-run accidents where the other driver escapes from the crime scene, leaving the other driver in a stressful situation.

What Is the Procedure for a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

Before you would file a lawsuit against the driver who hit your car and ran away, you should know what the procedure is for Florida hit-and-run car accidents. For every state, hit-and-run car accidents have different legal procedures.

Considering, you have become a victim of a hit-and-run car accident, you should know about its legal implications. It is a situation where your car is hit by another car, but the driver did not stop and fled the accident, to be out of sight forever. They may be responsible for the car accident, but they did not stop because they never wanted to confront the legal procedure of the situation.

The concept of hit-and-run car accidents is not limited to driving on the road. If a moving car hits a parked car and the guilty driver escapes from the crime scene, it will be considered a hit-and-run car accident. At the time of such car accidents, the victims are in shock. They are unable to comprehend on what to do next. However, as a victim, you must first feel good about your physical strength. If you are safe from any injuries, then you must report the case to the police.

At the time of meeting with the police, you must be able to tell them the details of the car that hit your car. It would be helpful if you would recall the license plate number of that car. But, if you do not remember that, then information like color and car make could be helpful information. It is advised that you must write all the details on a paper; it is traumatic to recall the incident several times.

Reasons for Florida Hit-and-Run Accidents:

In Florida, the guilty driver would run after hitting the car. They would want to avoid the penalties of hit-and-run car accidents which are actually less rather than waiting on the crime scene. Though, the law of Florida regarding accidents, says that no one should escape from the crime scene, people do not obey such rules. As a victim of car accidents, you would know that you can always receive medical coverage from the guilty driver’s insurance plan if they are at the crime scene.

Actions Taken by Florida Against the Increase in Hit-and-Run Accidents:

In 2019, Florida reported 2,950 fatal car crashes. There is no doubt that a fraction of these were hit-and-run car accidents. As Florida hit-and-run accidents have increased, the law against such accidents is serious. The drivers who are found guilty, but escaped the crime scene, will be sent to prison for at least four years. Also, the licenses of guilty drivers will be revoked. Initially, it was two years of prison time for the crime, but now it has been doubled for non-fatal hit-and-run accidents.

Steps to Take If Involved in Hit-and-Run Accidents:

Whether you were a victim or the guilty driver, you must take responsibility for such car accidents by reporting the authorities then and there. If you are the at-fault driver, taking responsibility will save you from any legal charges and can lead to a reduced prison sentence too.

It is a stressful situation for both parties and escaping from the situation will just make it worse for both sides. Therefore, you should calm down once the accident has happened. Take all the necessary information from the driver, and if possible, make a road map of the crash location so that could help the authorities in making the report. Lastly, do not leave the other person injured, but take them to the hospital if required.

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While driving in Florida, a driver needs to be very careful, especially when they have other passengers in the car. The road traffic has increased in Florida. Therefore, such incidents would happen every other day. If you have been involved in a Florida hit-and-run accident, or a victim of the crash, you should contact us immediately. The major benefit of contacting lawyers immediately, will keep the situation under control and make the entire legal process easier.

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