Florida Defective Vehicle Lawsuits

To vehicle owners, transportation means much more than just getting from one place to another. Having a car means being able to have a steady job, transporting children to and from school and other activities, and otherwise enjoying free time. Unfortunately, ordinary people may suffer catastrophic injuries because their vehicle was equipped with defectively designed or manufactured parts.

Automakers have a legal duty not to place dangerous vehicles within the stream of commerce. These industry giants are the ones with inside knowledge of the construction and design of a vehicle, and the rest of us simply assume our vehicle is roadworthy and safe. Very few people realize the dangers a defective vehicle may have on themselves or others on the road.

Furthermore, even when vehicle and auto parts manufacturers realize an issue exists with one of their products, the truth is often concealed to skirt liability or costly recalls. Time and time again, our nation has seen the greed and corruption plaguing the auto industry, putting profits before people in unscrupulous attempts to hide wrongdoing.

Investigating Defectively Designed Vehicles

One of the most tragic cases of a defectively designed vehicle causing injury occurred in Orlando, Florida in October 2014, when a 51-year-old woman died after her Honda vehicle equipped with a defective Takata airbag exploded with such force it killed her. Pieces of shrapnel flew from what should have been a life-saving safety device, but instead led to her gruesome death.

The Orlando woman’s accident was so terrible, authorities initially investigated her death as a homicide. Medical examiners later determined her death was caused by the defective Takata airbag installed in her Honda Civic. The subsequent investigation eventually led to what has become the largest automobile recall in the world.

According to reports, engineers at the company making the defective airbags knew for a decade about the dangers their product could pose to consumers yet chose not to disclose the information to the public. Federal authorities at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are currently investigating the issue.

Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys

The senseless death of the Orlando woman killed by a defectively designed airbag is just one tragic case of vehicle manufacturers and auto parts suppliers putting the public at risk to turn a profit. Wrongdoers are not accustomed to owning up to their deeds and will often blame victims or other parties in a desperate attempt to avoid liability. In any accident involving an automobile, it is strongly recommended victims and their families seek the advice and legal counsel of a qualified Orlando auto accident attorney.

Attorneys have the legal training and access to resources to investigate the causes of an auto accident. Whether a victim is hurt by another driver’s negligence, improper vehicle repair, or defectively designed or manufactured vehicles, an attorney can help prosecute a lawsuit if that is what is necessary to secure compensation for victims and their families.

Florida law holds injury victims hurt by another’s negligence may file personal injury lawsuits to recover compensation for property damage, lost wages, hospital bills, and pain and suffering. If you or a family member was hurt in an auto-related accident, contact an Orlando auto accident attorney for a consultation about your case.

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