Florida Car Accident: What Happens If My Car Insurance Lapses?

Sometimes, you ponder this question in your mind: “what will happen if my car insurance lapses?” or “is car insurance worth the price?”  Despite having your best targets, you may find yourself fall into the situation where your car insurance lapses. Therefore, our car accident attorneys help you to know what to anticipate if your car insurance lapses after a Florida car accident.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2019, approximately 12.6% of motorists were not insured, according to a 2021 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC).

What Does It Mean When the Insurance Lapses?

It means that you do not have your insurance policy in possession for some time. Your insurance has expired as you either have not cleared your bills timely or you prefer not to renew it.

An insurance lapse is a condition when your insurance policy is not constrained for a certain period, and you are not allowed to avail of insurance assistance like social security if something unfavorable or disastrous happens.

My Car Insurance Lapsed, and I Was Involved in a Florida Car Accident:

When your car insurance runs out and eventually you have faced an accident, you are accountable for defacement. You have to reimburse your damages and if the other side lays a claim against you, you are liable to compensate them out of your own pocket, rather than from the insurance policy.

One Day Lapse in Car Insurance:

When your car insurance is out of date, even for a single day, it is costlier to obtain a new one and can create obstacles for a driver. Sometimes, you may intentionally lack insurance because you are planning to buy or sell your car. Even under these circumstances, it is important to secure car insurance as it can insulate you from culpability in case of an accident, and you are free from paying fines or other penalties for driving without insurance.

What to Expect if Your Car Insurance Lapses?

Following are some possibilities that can occur if your car insurance lapses:

  • You Pay Your Damages Entirely Out of Pocket:

According to Florida car accident law, when trivial or minor accidents take place, both parties should go immediately to their insurers for compensation of their damages, except for if you have sustained severe injuries. If you are in a situation where your car’s insurance has lapsed, you will have to pay for any losses that may have arisen.

  • You Are Personally on the Hook If You Are Responsible for Another Person’s Damages:

During your car insurance lapse, the most prime risk that you can face is being personally responsible for someone else’s losses in the event of an incident. Florida car accident laws allow a third party to claim if there are severe injuries or damages to their property.

  • It Is More Expensive to Buy Insurance:

When there is an inconsistency in your car insurance, you are expected to pay extra to purchase a policy. It is legal for insurance companies to escalate the rates for those who do not have contemporary insurance. Whereas, it is more affordable if you purchase your insurance before it expires.

  • You Violate State Law:

According to Florida law, all cars should be insured, otherwise, you will have to collect a citation from law enforcement and your license plate may be canceled. If a person is repeatedly having gaps in renewing insurance, escalating fines could be charged.

  • It Can be a Breach of the Car Lease Agreement:

While leasing your car, it is always a requirement to maintain your car insurance. Therefore, if your leasing company observes that you are having lapses in your insurance policy, they may repossess your vehicle.

What to Do if the Insurance Lapses?

If your insurance lapses, try not to use your vehicle or use certain alternatives for traveling until you can secure insurance. If you are in any problematic situation, you only need to meet with required insurance minimums to drive within your state.

How Can an Attorney Help Me with My Florida Car Accident?

Being in an accident without an attorney can put you in a lot of misery and stress. Nevertheless, accountability is still determined by fault, therefore an attorney can assist you through the entire situation.

If you are involved in a Florida Car Accident, contact our experienced lawyers today. As time is of the essence and you do not want to further delay your insurance, we advise you to act swiftly as possible and schedule a free initial session with us.

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