Clermont Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A Clermont Workers’ Compensation lawyer will guide you through the workers’ compensation legal system. This system was developed to safeguard workers who suffered injuries while on the job.

In Florida these benefits are offered to injured workers, regardless of fault, meaning an employee can collect the benefits of workers’ compensation regardless of whether he or she is responsible for the accident that caused their injuries.

A Clermont personal injury lawyer can help you if been injured while at work. Contact us for a consultation free of an attorney for workers’ compensation who is well-versed in the work’ compensation board.

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Are you Covered Under the Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Many workers are concerned that their employer does not provide workers’ compensation insurance in place, which could leave them high and dry should there be a major accident.

Thankfully, except for certain exceptions that the majority of employers in Florida are covered under the worker compensation system.

The law says that if your company is in any industry other than construction and has at least four employees, whether full or part-time, then the employer must carry workmen compensation coverage.

Employers working in the construction industry must have workers’ compensation insurance. To get more information you can consult a Clermont Florida workers compensation attorney can assist.

What Do You Do if You’re Injured While at Work?

There are some things to consider should you be injured in an accident at work. First, even before you get in touch with an attorney for workers’ compensation, you should notify your employer as soon as you can.

This includes notifying your immediate supervisor, or any other supervisory authority within the office.

The notification could be in person, orally as well as in writing. If you notify your employer of your injury, you must insist that they fill out a notice of injury as soon as possible so that you can be certain that your claim is made it to the employer’s insurance provider.

If you’ve sustained an injury, you must seek medical attention. Go to the on-site doctor if your company has one. If not, you can go to your own doctor. It is important that you seek medical treatment whenever you can so that the extent of your injuries is recorded and not overturned later.

Once you’ve informed your employer and received medical attention, contact a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with Florida workplace competitions to get advice.

Clermont Workers' Compensation Lawyer

What is the Ideal Time to Report a Workplace Injury?

Workers who have been injured at work should immediately report the incident as soon as they can. But it shouldn’t take longer than 30 calendar days following the incident. If you fail to report your injury within 30 days of the incident, your claim could be at risk of being rejected.

What Will Happen if Your Employer Doesn’t Want to Report the Injury?

Your employer is also responsible in reporting the accident to them. Your employer has to notify their carrier quickly to ensure your claim is processed quickly so that you can begin receiving benefits quickly.

If they refuse to make the claim public or make contact with the insurance carrier and report the accident on your own.

The workers’ compensation insurance information should be displayed in the office. It should include information on how to contact the insurance company.

If it is not, call workers compensation Florida, employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office, for help in finding the information. Or call an attorney in the local area. Clermont Florida workers compensation attorney to get assistance.

Is a Workers’ Compensation Claim the Same as a Lawsuit?

This could be confusing for workers who have never dealt with the issue of workers’ compensation before. Although it might seem as though an employee’s compensation claim can be identical to a lawsuit filed against an employer, the reality is very different.

A claim for worker’s compensation is not a lawsuit against your employer. It’s an actual claim against the insurance policy that your employer purchased. A good attorney in worker’s compensation will help you understand more about the law governing workers compensation.

Do You Have to Sue Instead or File a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Are there any legal recourses against your employer or coworker instead of filing a worker compensation claim? Unfortunately, no. Workers’ compensation in Florida as well as in other states is known as an exclusive remedy.

Employees are not allowed to file an action for personal injury against their employer , even if he or she has already filed a worker’s compensation claim. The only exceptions include workplace injury claims which involve a third party.

They can be brought to the court. For instance, if you believe that you had a guest from a different company who came into your place of business injured you You could bring a civil lawsuit against that person, just not your company.

Workers’ Compensation Claim: How to Determine if You Are at Fault

The workers’ compensation system is operated on a “no fault” basis, which is unlike other personal injuries. This means that workers’ comp benefits are paid out regardless of the individual’s fault or the precise reason for the injury.

This is a good thing for employees. It takes away the necessity of blaming your employer or colleagues. This also speeds up the process as the investigation into the cause of the accident doesn’t need to slow down.

It’s also beneficial since employees don’t need to worry about having to deal with expensive medical bills in the event that they were responsible for the incident. An employee’s fault is only relevant if the accident was caused by alcohol or a deliberate intention to harm the person.

In these instances workers’ compensation claim may be rejected. If the claim is denied and the victim is innocent, you should contact a Clermont, Florida workers compensation lawyer immediately.

When to see a doctor for a work injury

What are the Benefits a Clermont Workers’ Compensation Attorney Provides?

Employers are required to take care of medical expenses resulting from workplace accident. Furthermore, employees may receive compensation for the time off work due to these injuries. The amount will be calculated at two thirds of your pre-injury weekly wage.

A bonus benefit is that workers’ compensation benefits are not tax deductible, meaning that more of what you earn stays in your pockets. All of this can be taken care of by a workers compensation lawyer.

The best workers’ comp lawyers must be knowledgeable of the various aspects of insurance for compensation.

How Long Will You Get Worker’ Compensation Benefits?

Florida workers may continue to be eligible for wage loss benefits as long as they are not on any kind of work-related status. In these instances, workers can receive an maximum of an additional 104 weeks worth of benefits.

What Happens if You Are Still Injured After 104 Weeks?

While it’s great to know that injured workers are likely to receive two years of benefits, what happens if were severely injured and don’t fully recovered in 2 years? It could be possible to qualify for permanent disability benefits in this case.

Permanent total disability benefits are available until a person attains the age of 75 if injuries are severe enough.

Can You Choose Your Own Doctor?

There are exceptions to the general norm, workers’ compensation cases do not usually allow clients to pick their own physician. The reason for this is that the majority of cases will be resolved by the insurance company.

As the injured person is entitled to a right to file a single change of doctor request. If your insurance company fails to select a new physician for you within 5 days, you can seek treatment from a doctor of choice.

Consider consulting a Clermont Florida workers compensation attorney for advice about your options.

What is the Longest Time I Have to File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation in Clermont?

The deadline to file a claim for benefits is actually two years. This can vary depending on the particular situation.

Although workers have two years to file claims but any delay in reporting an accident to their employer, or seeking medical attention could significantly reduce or eliminate your chances of obtaining benefits.

In this regard, it is imperative to take action quickly and seek out a qualified Clermont Florida workers compensation attorney to initiate the claim process. Here’s more information about the statute of limitations in Florida for workers’ compensation claims.

Workplace accident claim

Can You Be Fired Because of a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers who are injured are usually concerned that their employer might fire them should they file a worker”comp” claim. However, there is no reason to worry about losing their job when bringing a worker’s comp claim.

If this is the case, then the workers’ compensation lawyer or employer needs to be educated on the way workers’ compensation insurance should be used.

Employers in Florida cannot fire workers because they filed the claim through an attorney for personal injury for workers’ compensation insurance. Employers could be held liable for civil lawsuits if they fire someone for making a workers’ compensation claim.

The worker could sue their employer for being fired due to unjustifiable reasons, and possibly claiming damages.

If you’ve been the victim of an injury while on working in Clermont and you are injured, it is important to notify your employer as soon as possible and seek medical treatment.

In the meantime, contact a Clermont Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer to get a no-cost consultation to identify the next steps to do to aid you in obtaining the time off from work.


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