Attorney-Client Privilege in Car Accident Cases in Florida

You may or may not be aware of what is meant by “attorney-client privilege.” This phrase is commonly used yet people are not aware of the actual meaning and how it works especially in car accident cases in Florida. Often clients are concerned about how they can protect the conversations with their attorney.

You should be aware of when attorney-client privilege applies and how does it protect you. Learn about the ways an attorney can protect you after a crash and how you can benefit yourself through attorney-client privilege. In 2019, around 3,301 traffic accident deaths were recorded in Florida whereas thousands of accidents occur each day. If you have any questions about your claim, speak to our expert attorney for the best legal advice. All meetings with clients are kept confidential.

What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean in Car Accident Cases in Florida?

When you are seeking legal assistance from your attorney for car accident cases in Florida, the conversations are protected by the attorney-client privilege. It allows the victims to openly share all the information about the crash without fearing that the attorney will share it with other parties.

Attorneys are prevented from testifying against their clients not even after being forced to testify about the statements given by the client. Even the attorneys can potentially get disbarred if they violate attorney-client privilege. The conversations are protected under attorney-client privilege when it satisfies the following criteria:

  • When seeking legal advice
  • You expect that the conversation should remain confidential
  • There is an established attorney-client relationship between you and the lawyer
  • Your attorney was acting in a professional capacity

The attorney-client privilege applies to all conversations including in-person conversations, emails, letters, phone calls, and faxes. The conversations must take place in private. If you have discussed your case in a public place then those conversations are not usually covered under attorney-client privilege.

Attorneys are not allowed to share or discuss any information related to your claim with anyone else including police officers, insurance companies, or the court. In Florida, clients are given the right to refuse to disclose and prevent anyone from disclosing information while seeking legal assistance. Being a guardian or representative of a client, you can also claim this privilege.

Can Courts Ask Lawyers to Reveal These Conversations?

Except for some rare circumstances, the courts cannot ask attorneys to reveal any conversation which is protected by the attorney-client privilege. If you tell your attorney that you are planning to commit a crime, then the attorney-client privilege is not applied.

The Advantages of Attorney-Client Privilege for Car Crash Victims:

Any conversation with your lawyer are private which allows you to freely discuss all the aspects of your situation without any hesitation. For instance, you may discuss your potential liability for the crash with your attorney. Your attorney will not use it against you, unlike any insurance company. They take all the information intending to undermine or reject your claim. Whereas your attorney aims to maximize your compensation.

You shouldn’t be concerned while talking to your lawyer as you would when talking to the insurance company. It is significant, to be honest, and open with your lawyer to help them build a strong case. If you don’t discuss things initially, there is a high chance that they will come up later. If your attorney is not prepared about every aspect then they might struggle to secure the compensation you deserve. You should avoid making things more difficult for your lawyer.

Concealing preexisting conditions from your attorney can damage your case. If you conceal it in the beginning, it can come up later and your lawyer will be in a difficult position to counter the allegations of the insurance company to devalue your claim. Your lawyer needs time to fully prepare to defend your current injuries and prove that they are different from your preexisting medical condition.

Speak to Our Experienced Attorneys Today

When fighting for car accident cases in Florida, the first thing you should do is contact our experienced car accident attorney. They will help you in pursuing the claim and attaining compensation for your damages. You cannot count on the insurance company as their motive is to devalue your compensation.

Our attorneys have the right expertise and knowledge to strengthen your case and obtain a successful outcome. If your attorney doesn’t have experience in recovering compensation for crash victims then they will likely have trouble in securing the best settlement offer for your case. We have successfully secured millions in compensation for crash victims. We are here to help you in protecting your legal rights.

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