Reporting a Work Injury in Brandon, FL

Workplace accidents and occupational diseases are not uncommon, so it is important that your are reporting a work injury. Under the workers’ compensation insurance a work injury usually entitles some monetary benefits following such accidents.

These benefits are supposed to cover them for the medical expenses incurred and probable time off work even in the future.

Under Florida laws, businesses and companies that employ three or more workers, including part-time workers, have an obligation to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp is intended to ensure that compensation for workplace injuries is straightforward, but this is not always the case.

Employees often face obstacles like denial of claim, and working with a workers’ comp attorney could help avoid such issues.

At Florida Lawyers 360, our lawyers offer professional and aggressive legal representation to ensure that you receive your deserved monetary benefits if you have been injured while on the clock.

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How Long Do I Have in Reporting a Workplace Injury in Brandon, Florida?

Under the workers’ compensation laws in Florida, injured workers are required to provide their employers with timely notice of work-related injuries. These laws state that if you suffer an injury while on the clock, you have to report the injury to your employer or the concerned person within 30 days.

Failure to report your injury within this time limit could result in forfeiture or loss of your monetary benefits.

Regardless of this time limit, it is advisable to report your workplace injury immediately. This helps the employer to conduct an investigation about your injury. When reporting your workplace injury, it is important that you provide as much information as possible regarding the injury.

Preferably, you should indicate:

  • Date and time of the accident
  • The location where the accident happened
  • What you were doing at the time of the accident
  • Symptoms that indicated that you have been injured after the accident
  • The specific injury you suffered
  • Any coworkers who witnessed the accident


reporting a work injury to supervisor

Who do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury To?

If you have suffered a workplace accident in Brandon, Florida, it is important that you report it immediately to your employer. Depending on the hierarchy of your workplace, you can also report to your foreman, immediate supervisor, or any other senior person in the Human Resource (HR) department.

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

In the event of a workplace injury, an employer is required to do the following:

  • Investigate the accident immediately: They should gather all the relevant facts about the accident in a bid to establish whether the injury was really work-related.
  • Report the employee’s injury to their insurer:  After investigating the workplace accident, the employer should share the facts with their insurance company. Florida law requires employers to inform their insurers about the worker’s injury within 7 days of notification by filing a First Report of Injury with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation and the insurer.
  • Offer the injured worker light-duty work after their injury: Under Florida’s workers’ comp law, an employer must offer you light-duty work after an injury to keep you active while earning money.

Employee Responsibility After a Workplace Injury

Some of the employee responsibilities after a workplace injury include:

  • Report the injury in a prompt manner: Normally, you are required to report your workplace injury immediately but not later than 30 days from the date of the accident.
  • Document who you speak to and when: While it isn’t mandatory to have a recorded statement of the report made to your employer, it is important to keep some form of proof to show that you reported your workplace injury.
  • Seek medical attention from a doctor as directed by your employer: Your employer will present you with a list of panel doctors from whom you can seek medical attention. Seeking medical treatment from a doctor other than that recommended by your employer could lead to forfeiture or loss of your benefits.
  • Accept the light-duty work offered by your employer after your work-related injury.
  • Seek the legal advice of a workers’ comp lawyer: Reporting your injury and filing your workers’ compensation claim under the guidance of a workers’ compensation lawyer ensures that you take the right steps and do everything within the allowable time limits.
  • Take a drug test if one is required: Your employer may request that you take a drug test after your injury to establish whether you were under the influence of substances at the time of the accident. Failure to take a drug test, you risk losing your workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Keep in touch with your employer: If the doctor advises you to take some time off work, be sure to keep your employer informed so that they can plan appropriately, and also know how soon to expect you back.


Reporting. Work Injury in Brandon, FL

Call Us Today When Reporting a Work Injury in Brandon

Before you can report your workplace injury to your employer, it is important that you reach out to a workers’ comp attorney. Our lawyers at Florida Lawyers 360 are experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims and will guide you through the reporting and filing process.

Further, our attorneys will ensure that you report your injury and file your claim within the required time limits.

Employers and their insurance companies may deny your claim, especially if you fail to report the injury within the allowable time or if they believe that your injury was not work-related.

Talking to an experienced Brandon workers’ compensation lawyer ensures that you report your injury in time and file your claim in a timely fashion to avoid denial of your claim.

If you have been injured in your workplace and are not sure what to do next, it is important that you seek legal counsel. At Florida Lawyers 360, we are dedicated to guiding you throughout your claim process to ensure that you take the right steps.

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