Workers Compensation: Most Dangerous Industries to Work In

When it comes to workers compensation, there are certain industries that are a lot more dangerous than others. Generally speaking, people who work in an office are a much lower risk of getting hurt on the job. For example, lawyers and accountants don’t often find themselves in positions of danger. Our Tampa workers comp lawyers meet with people from all sorts of industries. However, we have become familiar with certain industries more than others.

Here, we’ll discuss the various types of industries and which ones are the most dangerous. We will also explain how a workers compensation attorney in Florida can help. If you happen to have questions about your own workplace accident, give us a call. We offer our clients a free, initial consultation. This gives us a chance to review your case. it also gives you a chance to feel us out and determine if we’re the right firm for you.

White Collar Jobs Tend to Be Less Dangerous

As mentioned above, people who hold white collar jobs are not likely to get into workplace accidents. It’s hard to imagine what could happen to an executive that would qualify them for workers compensation. Now, this doesn’t mean that we don’t ever represent people who work in these industries. It just means that we see more blue-collar workers than we do white collar workers. It has to do with the type of work they do. People who work in certain trades are a lot more at risk than people who work in an office.

Some of the more dangerous industries, as far as workplace accidents go, include the following:

  • Oil and gas workers
  • Loggers
  • Line workers for communication companies
  • Long-haul truck drivers
  • Electricians
  • Construction workers

While we don’t have room here to discuss all of these, we do want to discuss a few in more detail.

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The Oil and Gas Industry is One of the Scariest of All

People who choose to work in the oil and gas industry are very brave individuals. It is true that jobs in this industry tend to pay well. But they also require people to travel to wherever the work is located. In addition, the compensation doesn’t come nearly close enough to make up for the inherent dangers in the oil and gas industry.

Some of the risks these workers face include the following:

  • Chemical explosions
  • Fires
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Falls
  • Catastrophic accidents

If you happen to work in one of these industries, you need to keep abreast of workers compensation law. You also need to know what to do if you do get hurt on the job.

Our Tampa Workers Comp Lawyers Represent a Lot of Construction Workers

People who work in the construction industry are prone to suffering workplace accidents. Construction sites are usually a mess. There is equipment and building materials all over the place. All it takes is a single trip and a worker could go sprawling. If they do fall, they’re going to land in a heap of rubble. They could split their head open or suffer a traumatic brain injury. They could also suffer lacerations and broken bones in these falls.

One other danger for construction workers has to do with working from great heights. Whether they’re posed on top of a piece of scaffolding or on top of a building, they’re up extremely high. No matter how careful they are, there is always the chance that they could fall. Any fall from a great height like this can cause devastating industries.

Truck Drivers Are Also at a Greater Risk of Injury

Our Tampa workers comp lawyers meet with more than our fair share of truck drivers. When people spend more than 8 hours on the road day in, day out, they are bound to suffer an accident at some point. Even though they are professional drivers, they still spend the better part of their day on the road. They encounter distracted drivers as well as drivers who are going way over the speed limit. They are also driving big machines that can be hard to maneuver, especially in heavy traffic.

The other thing is that truck drivers are only human. They make the same mistakes as other drivers. After being on the road for hours, they tend to get tired and distracted. Sometimes they have to carry wide loads that are hard to navigate on the busy highways. This causes them to be involved in more accidents than a normal person would. Our workers compensation attorneys in Florida meet with dozens of professional drivers every year who have been hurt at work. Sadly, most of their injuries are so serious, they can’t do the same kind of work again. When someone has spent their entire career doing the same thing, it can be hard for them to switch to a different career after their injury. And it is difficult to find a job that will pay as much as they earned as a commercial trucker.

Electricians Are Injured More Often than Most Other Workers

Nobody thinks about the dangers of being an electrician when they go do their apprenticeship. They hope to join a union and enjoy a successful career in their field. Unfortunately, every day an electrician goes to work, they risk getting hurt. And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill work injuries. We’re talking about burns, electrocution, and other, terrifying injuries.

Our workers compensation attorneys in Florida do our best to get our clients the compensation they deserve. For someone who already works in a dangerous industry, it can be even scarier for them to return to work. The thought of suffering the same kind of injury again can be too much. If the emotional distress of their work-related accident is too much, they may end up going on disability. We’ll fight to get them a settlement that allows them to find a new career if that is their choice.

You Can Benefit from Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Florida

If you have recently suffered a workplace accident, you’ll need an experienced Tampa workers comp lawyer. They can handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting better. They’ll deal with your employer and their insurance company on your behalf. Your goal should be recovering from your work-related injuries. Our goal is to get you the benefits you deserve. This is why we suggest you contact our office and schedule your free, initial consultation.

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