Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Kissimmee, FL

After suffering a serious work-related injury, your life is likely feeling a little disrupted. Your health, finances, career and overall well-being must be in shambles.

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What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Kissimmee, FL

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

In Kissimmee, FL, you are entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits (TTD) if you have to stay away from work to fully recover from your injuries. You will not receive these benefits for the first 7 days but if you have to stay out of work for 21 days, you will be paid for the first 7 days too.

TTD benefits are usually two-thirds of your average weekly wage before you suffered the workplace injury up to $971 (for injuries suffered in 2020).

If you have suffered severe injuries such as blindness or paralysis, you will receive a higher benefit rate of 80% of your pre-injury wages for the first 6 months without a maximum limit. However, the legal minimum amount you can receive is $20 per week.

You will continue receiving your TTD benefits until:

  • Your doctor clears you to go back to work.
  • Once you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) where you will not improve even with further medical treatment
  • You have reached the maximum number of weeks you can receive TTD benefits.


Workers' Compensation benefits

Temporary Partial Benefits

If you haven’t reached MMI but your doctor clears you to go back to work with some restrictions in place, you should receive TPD benefits.

Some of the restrictions include not lifting heavy objects or using a computer/keyboard for a specific period.

If you earn lesser wages than before your injuries under these conditions, your TPD benefits will be calculated at 80% of the difference between your current wages and 80% of your wages before the injury.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Have you completed your medical treatment? Have you been receiving your TTD benefits but they are about to expire within 6 weeks but still haven’t reached MMI?

Your doctor should assess you to determine whether you have a lasting impairment or a lasting medical condition due to the injury. If you are able to go back to work in some capacity, your doctor will assign you an impairment percentage.

It will be used to calculate how long you will receive your PPD benefits.

Your PPD benefits will be calculated as 75% of your TTD rate up to the legal maximum in Florida. However, the amount will be reduced by at least half, if you are earning some amount or your previous wages before the injury.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

If you have a permanent disability that keeps you from going back to work, you will receive permanent total disability benefits. These are usually issued using the same rate as your TTD benefits.

You will receive PTD benefits until you are 75 years old or for the rest of your life if you don’t have social security benefits. Note that, severe workplace injuries such as amputation of a leg, arm or a severe brain injury usually qualify as permanent total disability.

Other Benefits

Besides the impairment benefits mentioned above, you are likely going to receive the following types of benefits in your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Medical Benefits: As long as your treatment is done by the treating doctor and authorized by the insurance company, the workers’ compensation policy will cover all the medical costs including traveling to and from the doctor’s appointments and medication.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Are you unable to go back to work? You are likely going to receive placement services, vocational counseling and the relevant help you need to find a new job. If you need to be retrained or educated to get a good job, workers’ compensation will cover everything but up to 26 or 52 weeks.
  • Death Benefits: If your loved one has died of a work-related injury, you can receive death benefits if you are the spouse, children or other dependents. The total amount of death benefits will be determined by the total number of dependents available. However, it will not be more than two-thirds of the deceased’s average weekly wage up to the maximum benefits offered under TTD benefits and a total of $150,000. Workers’ compensation will also pay a maximum of $7,500 for funeral and burial expenses.


Kissimmee Workers' Compensation Benefits

Are There Any Limitations To Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida?

Yes, workers’ compensation benefits will only pay a portion of your lost wages. Note that, you will not pay any taxes on your workers’ compensation benefits and that works to your advantage.

However, you will not receive any compensation for the pain and suffering you have suffered because of your injury. It might seem quite unfair but it’s the trade-off you will receive in the workers’ compensation system.

Note that, with the workers’ compensation system, you can work benefits very fast without even filing a lawsuit. Also, you don’t have to prove that your employer was at fault for the injuries you have suffered. However, you will not receive the full value of your losses.

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