How to File Workers’ Compensation in Florida

There is a lot of stress involved in work-related accident injuries, and this stress is brought on by a whole collection of factors that combine to create an overwhelming experience for many. There is the fear of lost wages, future earning potential, the common uncertainty of the extent of the injury, and the need to preserve the claim for situations where the injury may become worse or inhibit future wages.

Our Miami workers’ comp attorneys can guide you through how to file workers’ compensation in Florida.

Report The Injury

If you’ve been injured on the job, then you need to report the injury right away to protect your ability to file a claim.

The law in Florida is that you must report the injury to your employer within 30 days of the accident or within 30 days of discovering the injury. However, you would be wise to report the injury right away to strengthen your case so that the employer cannot suggest that your claim is invalid due to the fact that you did not report the injury in a timely manner.

When it comes to notifying your employer of your worker’s compensation claim, this should be addressed to somebody in a managerial position at the job. If you are unable to notify the employer because of hospitalization or some other practical reason, then the formal notice requirement can be excused, though you must still notify the employer of the injury in some other way.

When notifying your employer of your worker’s compensation compensable injury caused by an accident, you need to specify the names of any witnesses along with your clear description of what happened, when it happened, and how and why the incident and injury occurred.

Seek Medical Evaluation

Then, you need to seek a full medical evaluation to determine the extent of your injuries as soon as possible. You can receive a list of authorized medical providers from your employer to ensure that you seek medical care from someone who is approved to handle worker’s compensation cases. The most important evidence when it comes to proving the severity of your injury is medical evidence.

The sooner that you start to gather this evidence, the better. Notify your medical care providers of the connection between your work, the accident, and the injury. These individuals will be able to provide evidence later when you must prove that the injury was caused by work.

Employer Submits Reports

Your employer will be submitting a report to the state worker’s compensation board or industrial commission and will also be notifying the worker’s compensation carrier. This carrier will be able to authorize the payment of medical bills and a percentage of your weekly income.

File a Claim

File your worker’s compensation claim with the Florida Division of Worker’s compensation right away to ensure that the injury is reported in a timely manner. You must file your claim within two years of the injury or the illness to avoid losing your right to recover worker’s compensation benefits like healthcare benefits and income replacement benefits.

Let Us Help You File Workers’ Compensation in Florida

Your best option is to consult a qualified Florida worker’s compensation attorney to ensure that you follow the necessary steps to get the compensation that you deserve. An attorney can make the process much easier so that you avoid making mistakes and get all of your questions answered.

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