Dangerous Jobs in Florida

While many Tampa, Florida workers may not realize it, anyone can be hurt on any job at almost any time. Often times, these injuries are caused by unsafe conditions or someone else’s negligence, and could otherwise be avoided.

In Florida, injured workers are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whose fault was the accident, be it the employee or the employer. When this happens, injured workers should strongly consider retaining an experienced Tampa workers’ compensation attorney to make sure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Some jobs are more dangerous than others in Florida. The number of fatalities may surprise some but this is a sad reality we must face. We must also remain vigilant when it comes to ensuring those injured on the job get the compensation they need.

Jobs with the most fatalities in Florida

According to a 2009 article, the most dangerous jobs in Florida are:

  • Commercial vehicle drivers – 43 deaths
  • Construction workers – 29 deaths
  • Grounds crew – 21 deaths
  • Police officers – 16 deaths
  • Industrial workers – 13 deaths
  • Laborers – 11 deaths
  • Electricians – 11
  • Custodial workers – 11
  • Roofers – 9 deaths
  • Agricultural workers – 9 deaths

Sadly, many of these dangerous jobs do not pay very high wages. Some of these workers, like laborers or agricultural workers, often earn less than $23,000 a year. This makes it difficult enough for workers to support themselves, let alone a family, when wages cease due to time off from work.

Leading causes of workplace fatalities

In 2007, 362 tragic workplace deaths occurred in Florida. Of that number, 136 were caused in transportation accidents, accounting for almost one-third of all fatalities statewide. The next leading cause of workplace fatalities in 2007 was homicide, 85 percent of which were caused by gunshot wounds.

Falls took the lives of 65 Florida workers in the year studied. Fatal falls took place in a wide spectrum of professions including roofing, amusement parks, and custodial jobs. Collisions with objects killed 45 workers and exposure to toxic substances killed 42.

What benefits can my family and I receive after a workplace accident in Florida?

Under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, injured workers may receive a number of different benefits, depending on the type of injury. Workers’ compensation benefits in Florida include:

  • Medical treatment – Injured workers are entitled to necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation to help them get back to work
  • Temporary disability benefits – While injured workers are away recovering from their job, they may receive part of their lost income
  • Permanent disability benefits – Workers unable to ever return to work or come back to work in a permanently diminished capacity may also recover portions of these lost wages
  • Death benefits – Families of deceased workers may recover for compensation for funeral expenses and may receive a portion of their loved one’s income for a period of time

Tampa workers’ compensation attorneys

If you or a loved one suffered an injury on the job, speak to an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney about your case. Insurance adjusters and their doctors do not often give work injuries the credence they deserve to ensure workers are well taken care of. Do not let your workers’ compensation claim be denied; speak to an attorney and make sure your claim is given a fair shake.

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