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What if My Employer or Boss Won’t Report My Injury to Workers’ Compensation?

Most people rightfully expect their employer to help them out when they are injured on the job. Employees often require assistance in getting the ball rolling, and many employers are happy to provide assistance. Not all employers are willing to help out however, and this can negatively impact your Florida workers’ compensation. It is therefore important to know what to do if your employer is uncooperative.

If Your Employer Refuses to Report Your Claim

Employees are obligated to notify their employers immediately (or as soon as practicable) when they are hurt on the job. Many employers then contact the insurance carrier about the accident. Sometimes, however, you come across an employer that is not helpful, which means you will need to do it yourself. Otherwise, your accident will not be transmitted to the insurance company, which means you will not receive workers’ compensation.

How to Contact the Insurance Company

If your employer will not help you get in contact with the insurance carrier to make a claim, it becomes your responsibility to do so. Look around your place of employment for a poster that provides the relevant workers’ compensation insurance information, sometimes referred to as a “Broken Arm Poster.” If you are able to locate it, call the carrier listed on the poster and report your accident. If your employer does not have that information available, you can call the Employees Assistance and Ombudsman office for help reporting your claim.

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

Not all workers’ compensation claims require you to hire an attorney, but if your employer is being uncooperative from the outset and refuses to even report your claim, this might be situation in which one is useful. It is important to protect your rights and allow you to recover as much of your out of pocket expenses and losses as possible. When an employer refuses to even report your injury, it is a good indication of how willing they will be down the road to cover your damages and pay you what you are entitled to. Therefore, in such situations it is probably a good idea to at least consult an Orlando workers’ compensation attorney, who can advise you of what your rights are and help you make decisions regarding your next steps. If your employer shows you from the outset that they are not on your side, you will do well retaining legal counsel who is  on your side, and will fight to get you a fair recovery for your injuries or illness.

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