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Do I Need an Attorney to Handle my Accident Case?

There is no bright-line answer to this question. Each case is different, and whether or not you need an attorney depends on what happened, the injuries that you sustained, and who sustained them. If the accident was a simple “fender bender” where nobody was injured, than in most cases the claim can be handled through the insurance company without a lawyer. However, if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, especially seriously or permanently injured, or has lost significant time from work, school, or other obligations, then you should consider hiring an

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attorney to handle your claim.

There are some accidents after which you should always retain an attorney. If a death has resulted from an accident, or a severe injury, such as a broken bone, paralysis, or hospitalization of anyone involved, you should retain an attorney. If fault is an issue, or if there is more than two automobiles involved, or a pedestrian or bicycle rider involved, you should retain a lawyer.  If the accident occurred in a construction zone, you should also seek legal advice. Always get an attorney if the police report does not accurately describe the accident, or puts you at fault. Any time there are complicated technical, legal or medical issues involved, you might wish to consult an attorney.  You may also wish to retain legal assistance if your adjuster or insurer is not working cooperatively with you.  Any time the insurance company involves their own lawyer, you should definitely call our team of experienced Orlando, FL auto accident attorneys.

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